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Over seven-hundred years ago, the Etharian Empire abandoned its’ colonies in the far west of the continent of Ethar, a remote swath of lands that had come to be called Creation’s Edge (or more simply “The Edge”), as it marked the outer limit of the known world at the time. In the centuries since, Two great Kingdoms and a handful of city-states have risen up as the successors of the Empire, sometimes warring with each other, sometimes at peace, and often beset by outside forces.

In the north, the Kingdom of Couviere crowns a new and popular King, fresh from the victory of leading his people against the Barbarian Hordes of Tiria, and carrying the honor of a father who made the ultimate sacrifice to save his home and his people. With the people of Couviere behind him (both common and noble alike) the new King turns his mind to finding a path not defined by bloodshed, but by alliance.

In the south, the Kingdom of Rivana at long last finds itself well and truly unified after nearly being torn apart twice by Civil War. Old feuds hover on the verge of being laid to rest and old loyalties have been repaid with interest. Their charismatic and brilliant young Queen sets not only to the task of rebuilding, but also to securing her legacy, and she would have that legacy be one of peace.

The Free City of Pacitta has finally recovered after an attack from the Raiders of Brodlund that nearly crippled them, and now stands poised to again have all eyes upon it as diplomats from both Kingdoms meet upon this neutral ground to begin the process of drafting a Grand Treaty…a promise of alliance that will bring lasting peace to the Edge…and great opportunity to those with the political acumen to seize it.

The prospect of peace does not mean all is well in the Edge, however. In the Holy State of Sanctum, the Church of the One Faith teeters on the edge of a schism as the machinations of a treacherous Cardinal have cast its’ leadership in a poor light, leading many to wonder if they are actually needed at all. Whispers come of the Inquisition preparing for a potential holy war against their own brethren…

The Raiders of Brodlund have twice been humbled in the last year, but their threat is not abated. A powerful Chieftain seeks revenge and plunder as he turns his eyes again to the shores of the Edge. Driven by the memory of a lost son, he too knows the value of alliance, and though the Hordes of Tiria have been, for the moment, broken and scattered, the Ice Queen still lives, and she emerged stronger from defeat once before…what will she say to such an offer?

Above all, however, it is a time of opportunity. Whether the goal is power, wealth, or to leave behind a name that history will remember, if one has the will and the means, the pathways to achieve those goals are there to be walked. Those that travel the same path may be allies or may be rivals, or even bitter enemies, and determining which may mean all the difference between success or failure, life or death.

How will you leave your mark upon Creation’s Edge?

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