After Chargen

Once you are through chargen, there are a few things that each player should look into doing.

Add Channels

Every character is automatically added to the main Public channel but there are several others that can be joined to. We would suggest joining least the appropriate Kingdom Channel and Ducal area channel for your character.

Basic Channel Commands

Some of the basic commands that might be handy :

  • @channel/on <channel> - Adds you to the channel
  • @channel/off <channel> - Removes you from the channel
  • @channel/gag <channel> - Gags the channel so you won't hear things on it for now. It will reset on your next login. And is handy when you just want to silence the chatter for a bit, rather then having to forget to add a channel back later.
  • @channel/list - shows you a list of available channels.

For other commands see 'help @channel' in-game.

Public/OOC Channels

Other than XXX, all channels should be kept PG-13. These channels are also considered entirely OOC.

  • Public — Public chatter and general conversation
  • Gaming — For all your video game conversation needs
  • GM1/GM2/GM3 — Channels for OOC chatter during combats or large scenes. The scenerunner will direct you to which of these channels they have reserved for their scene.
  • History — For geeking about history
  • Politics — A place to discuss real-world politics. Be nice.
  • Spoilers — General purpose channel to discuss spoilers of all sorts. Basically, instead of spoiling tonights TV show or whatever in Public, bring that sort of chatter here.
  • Sports — A place to discuss sports.
  • XXX — Anything goes, NSFW chat

Semi-IC/Grid Channels

OIC is all right on these channels, though nothing discussed on it should be taken IC. These channels are mostly to coordinate RP and discuss TPs and whatnot.

You should join the channel for your kingdom and duchy at minimum. You may join the channels for other duchies within your kingdom, but you should not join channels for other kingdoms.

  • Couviere — For characters from the kingdom of Couviere
  • Rivana — For characters from the Kingdom of Rivana
  • Pacitta — For characters from the city-state of Pacitta
  • Eastfield — For characters from or currently in the Duchy of Eastfield, Rivana
  • Lonnaire — For characters from or currently in the Duchy of Lonnaire, Couviere
  • Murnord — For characters from or currently in the Duchy of Murnord, Couviere
  • Normont — For characters from or currently in the Duchy of Normont, Rivana
  • Ostvor — For characters from or currently in the Duchy of Ostvor, Couviere
  • Rovilon — For characters from or currently in the Duchy of Rovilon, Couviere
  • Seaguard — For characters from or currently in the Duchy of Seaguard, Rivana
  • Sunsreach — For characters from or currently in the Duchy of Sunsreach, Rivana
  • Syndicate — For Syndicate and related characters

If there's another chat channel you think we are missing, please let us know via a +request and we may consider adding it.

Join the Wiki

You've been using it for a reference to get through chargen. Now is time to put in a +request with your wikidot account name and join up! This will allow you to create and work on a wiki page for your character. If you picked up a character from the +roster, there might already be a basic page setup for you. Take a look at the Characters page if you think a page might already exist, or if you need to create a page (after you have joined the wiki), head on over to the creating a character page.


Ok, this one is obvious. But seriously get out there and RP! Not sure where your character would be? Just ask on Public and people will gladly help to aid in what is currently going on the grid and where your character might be. Also feel free to check out the recent logs to get an idea of recent events and activity.

And a few handy commands to help with getting IC and moving to places far and wide on the grid.

  • +IC - just what you'd think, it takes you to the IC grid
  • +OOC - will return you to the OOC Lounge
  • +nexus - used when OOC, it will set your location to the IC nexus, which as it sounds is a nexus to various IC locations to help in moving around the grid
  • +plot - using this command will let us know if you want to be included in or have plot stuff tossed your way, if you like that idea do a +plot yes. If you'd prefer to just do your own thing, go ahead with a +plot no. If you'd like a staus quo, just leave it blank (or not run the command at all.)
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