Lady Angelique t'Corbeau
Maimie McCoy
Maimie McCoy as Angelique t'Corbeau
Full Name: Angelique t'Corbeau
Byname: None
Age: 19
Date of Birth: 1847-02-10
Kingdom: Couviere
House: l'Saigner
Title/Profession: Lady
Position: Wraith
Place of Birth: Three Rivers
Father: Lord Giralt t'Corbeau
Mother: Lady Lyanna t'Corbeu nee' t'Arx
Siblings: Lord Lerrys t'Corbeau, Lady Daniri t'Corbeau, Lord Raoul t'Corbeau, Thomas Breulliard (Half-Brother), Tybalt Devries (Half-Brother)
Spouse: NA
Children: NA


Angelique was born Fevrier 10, 1847, the youngest child of Giralt and Lyanna tCorbeau. A darkly pretty child, she was doted upon by her parents and her siblings alike. She was bright, vivacious and strong-willed. She learned early the ways of manipulation; how to get her way with a smile, her family doted upon her. Lessens that stood her good stead in many ways. Not that she was truly spoiled. Her family was a branch that has a long standing association with the less public side of the Houses activities; assassination in particular. Her parents were and are both skilled in the arts of quietly disposing of those the House deemed inconvenient. As a result her upbringing was…different, by most standards. She learned the niceties of society, as would any Lady of breeding. She also learned much of the art of killing discreetly. As well as the stubborn streak of loyalty and the peculiar honor implicit in her House. Loyalty to the Ducal Family, to her House and to her Family.

On the Grid

Meet my obsession, my opium dream.
Lost in indulgence, I'm not what I seem.

Come to my arms and let me seduce you.
Surrender your soul, and I will reduce you
To simple sensation and fleshly delight.
So fly to my side and embrace the night.

We will defy the greatest commands,
And heedlessly walk the forbidden lands.

Gaze into depths of emerald absinthe,
And plunge through the twists of the labyrinth.
Gather at crossroads and chant to the wind,
Dance in the graveyards and revel in sin.

Our innocence lost, and our faith destroyed;
Spiraling down into lightless void.
Drunken on dreams and ceaselessly sleeping,
Here in the garden the angels are weeping.

Angels are Weeping; Nox Arcana

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