Lord (Sir) Anton Alphonse Tracano (Deceased)
Jason Isaacs
Jason Isaacs as Anton Alphonse Tracano
Full Name: Anton Alphonse Tracano
Byname: The Thorn
Age: 47 at time of death
Date of Birth: Born 1/17/1816 IE, deceased 03/14/1863 - Execution
Kingdom: Rivana
House: Tracano
Title/Profession: Lord, Later King (Unofficially)
Position: Knight-Marshal of Rivana, Knight, later Claimant to the Throne of Rivana
Place of Birth: Sunsreach
Father: Roger Tracano (d.)
Mother: Anita Tracano nee Haldis (d.)
Siblings: Countess Carlene Carling nee Tracano (born 1819), Davin Tracano (born 1820) (d.), Cale Tracano (born 1823) (d.)
Spouse: None, and quite unusual for it.
Children: None Known, Rumors of many bastard children persist


Lord Anton Tracano was the first cousin of King Lucas Tracano, who had served with considerable success as the Lord-Marshal of Rivana in the closing years of the Thirty Years' War. When King Lucas died without designating an heir, Lord Anton became one of the two major claimants to the Throne of Rivana. Despite enjoying a distinct military advantage for most of The Succession War Anton was effectively defeated when Duke Darren Haldis turned on him, crushing his military forces and sending Anton on the run. He was captured and executed in 1863 IE, and his name is now a black stain upon Rivana's history, spoken in the same breath as many of the greatest villains of legend.

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