Lord (Sir) Arturo Stephan Tracano (Deceased)
Kevin McKidd
Kevin McKidd as Arturo Stephan Tracano
Full Name: Arturo Stephan Tracano
Byname: The Rose
Age: 44 at time of death
Date of Birth: Born 07/07/1816 IE, deceased 07/07/1860 IE - In Battle
Kingdom: Rivana
House: Tracano
Title/Profession: Lord, Later King (Unofficially)
Position: Royal Steward, Knight, later Claimant to the Throne of Rivana
Place of Birth: Sunsreach
Father: James Tracano (d. 1837, In Battle)
Mother: Natalia Tracano nee Cassomir (d. 1852, Natural Causes)
Siblings: Ulfhain Tracano (d. 1854 IE, In Battle), Berenguer Tracano (d. 1860 IE, In Battle)
Spouse: Talia Tracano nee Callidus (d. 1842 IE, Childbirth)
Children: Alysande Tracano


Lord Arturo Tracano was a First Cousin to King Lucas Tracano, who served quite successfully as the Royal Steward in the final years of Lucas' reign. History now knows him as the Rose, one of the two major claimants to the throne of Rivana in The Succession War. With his daughter ultimately claiming victory in that struggle, Arturo's claim was vindicated, and many who fought for his cause consider it a great tragedy that he did not live to wear the crown, not least of which being the very daughter who now bears it, Queen Alysande.

NOTE: Lord Arturo's memory has been elevated to flat-out legendary proportions in Rivana thanks in large part to Queen Alysande making it so. He was immensely popular in life, and amazingly may be even more so in death. There is a serious push among the faithful of Rivana to have him canonized as a martyr by the Church of the One Faith. This movement actually has found support from some influential Archbishops, but the High Priest and College of Cardinals have yet to formally begin the process, largely due to political concerns with Couviere.

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