Character Concepts

Currently, players may choose for their characters to be from the kingdom of Rivana. Characters may be also from Sanctum if they are a member of the Faith or one of the Militant Order. But please note that Sanctum is not an area that is current built in game so characters from Sanctum should have reason to be in Rivana. Please keep that in mind when coming up with your concept!

There is an entire world to populate, and many rolls to fulfill. Houses need both lords and ladies, but they also need knights, men at arms, advisers, healers, priests, and commoners. There is a rising merchant class throughout the Edge, and they need players in just about every role!

Please see Character Generation for some important information to consider while devising your concept and setting up your character.

Players may choose to apply for an Advanced or Elite Character once they have met all the requirements listed on the page.

  • Nobles: Inheritors of a ruling bloodline, responsible for the management and protection of their lands.
  • Knights: Followers of a warrior tradition, be they scions of noble houses or freelance hedge knights.
  • Commoners: The citizenry of the world, from clergy to criminals, soldiers to artists, and merchants to beggars.
  • Syndicate: The organized criminal element of the Edge.

Wanted/Open Concepts

Here players and staff can list what concepts are wanted or needed. This page is updated frequently, so yes, if it's on here, chances are it's valid, and if it's not, we'll certainly let you know when you try to app it!

It is important to note that the lists of characters on each of the pages are not a comprehensive list of those that are wanted or open for application, they are simply those characters that a wiki page has already been created for. And those characters that are listed with a wiki page already may be previously played, simply NPCed or they might simply have been given a wiki page by staff or another player to store some basic information.

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