Creating A Character Icon

If you are not comfortable with creating the icons for your character, then send a +request to staff so that they can create the icon for you. If you have a preference on the image to be used, please include a link to it within the request, else staff will pick one at their discretion if one is not included in the +request.

Otherwise, below are the templates for each Kingdom/City-State. These are created with the .gif file format to be used with Photoshop or other image editors such as GIMP. It's suggested that you overlay the icon template with your character image for the best effect.


  1. All icons must be named in the fashion of: Bitname_icon.jpg Do not forget to start with a capital letter!
  2. All icons must be 100x100 in size
  3. The font style is using Gabriola 20pt, strong/bold and centered, all caps and black. (If you have a super long name or not enough room to make it look sensible, you may go smaller in terms of font size. The style must remain the same.)
  4. As noted above, if you are not comfortable making an icon (or just don't want to), submit a +request and staff will make the icon for you.
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