Creating A Character Page

In order to create a character page, use the entry box below. Enter your character's name without the last name or title. And click on the 'Create' button, it will create the page and set the basic character tags.

Be sure to:

  1. Check that the Wikidot page name is be the same as your in game name. This should be what you entered above.
  2. Update the title of the page with the character's title and last name, such as: Lady Jane Smith and not just Jane.
  3. Tag! Tag! Tag! Make sure that you add not only your character name to the tag list but also the following: Kingdom (Rivana, Pacitta, Couviere), Noble/Commoner, House (if applicable) and any other tags such as Knight, Huntress, Religious Order, etc. You can look at other character pages to see what tags they have as an example. (This is so we can find you. And if others are looking at the list of knights, for example, they can see the list as well.)
  4. Make sure to add your character to the the character page if you haven't already - Characters.
  5. The total number of images on your gallery should not exceed 5, not counting your main character picture. And if you absolutely must have more images, 500kb is the limit for all images combined. Otherwise, do not be surprised if images go a missing if these limits are not observed.
  6. Do keep in mind the size of your images. We would prefer it if your images are not 100kb and higher each. If you need assistance? Ask!
  7. Don't forget about creating or having a character icon created for the character icon page! Character Icons
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