Lady (Sir) Dalmer Haver
Tamsin Egerton
Tamsin Egerton as Dalmer Haver
Full Name: Dalmer Haver
Byname: none
Age: 26
Date of Birth: May 28th, 1840
Kingdom: Rivana
House: Haver
Title/Profession: Lady (Sir)
Position: Paladin
Place of Birth: Haverton
Father: Joren Haver
Mother: Avril Haver (nee Harwich, d.1851)
Siblings: Corin (33), David (24) and Jorena (16)
Spouse: none
Children: none


A renowned Paladin, famed in Rivana for her superb skill as a healer, for many valiant and compassionate deeds as a Knight Errant and her dedication to spreading the word of the One, Dalmer is still of Haver stock. A younger cousin of the main line, she lacks the polished etiquette of her noble peers, as well as the guile and ambition often required to survive the court. But she strives to make up for this with defiant good-humor and unwavering piety. Her current stay in Sunsreach is by the request of her superiors in Sanctum, to further the interests of the church, as well as her own House, in the capital. What better ambassador than a well-liked knight? Having fought on the side of the Loyalists at Charger's Rest and Blackstone during the Thorn Insurgency, as well as within the ranks of Paladins and Templars dispatched to the Battle of Three Crowns, Dalmer is a recognised veteran, which perhaps goes some way to pardoning the occasional crude remark or unladylike mannerism that escape her.

  • Paladin: A recently-made Paladin, Dalmer is a fine example of a holy knight.. or she strives to appear so, anyway.
  • Court: She's only recently begun to make forays into life as a courtier - maybe you've seen her around?
  • Healer: Without blowing her own trumpet, Dalmer is regarded, in certain circles, as one of the best healers around.
  • House Haldis: Known to be a staunch supporter and friend of the 'Bastard Duke' Darren Haldis, maybe she might share her opinions on recent happenings in Eastfield. Maybe.
  • Tutor: Dalmer enjoys teaching. More than likely she'd be willing to help, if you need to brush up on something.

On the Grid


Renowned as something of a beauty, Dalmer Haver is undeniably striking; not least for her height which at around 5'9 is certainly above average, nor the favorable reputation that tends to precede her in the Southern Kingdom. The woman simply has that likeable, approachable 'something' about her; the guileless appeal of one far younger. High, wide cheekbones give the impression of apple cheeks within her heart shaped face and, thus, a lingering smile to grace full lips of soft, rose-petal pink. Mischievously angular eyebrows seem to curve as an extension of her aquiline, slightly upturned nose, lending the woman a nigh-perpetual expression of vaguely amused interest. Abundant tresses of honey-wheat blonde would fall to her slender waist if loosed, but more often than not are kept in a braid over one shoulder or a bundle at her nape, only stray wisps escaping to frame her face. All of this is well and good. But her eyes are by far the most expressive of these fine features. Eyes of rich chocolate brown that are lively and warm, that sparkle when she smiles and that tell of a woman who gives away those smiles like they were wishes. And yet, when she is sorrowful, they darken and fade; consumed with the melancholy of one who knows struggle and toil, one who has known loss. She has, all at once, the palpable air of gentle authority and calm empathy expected of more matronly figures. But that leanly muscled form, golden tan and the telling callouses upon long, dextrous fingers speak quite bluntly of a life lived by the point of a sword.

Quirks and Personality

Dalmer is, testament to years of focused intent, outwardly everything a paladin should be. A benevolent tutor, empathic healer, resilient diplomat and formidable knight. But she's only human. While she understands and appreciates people, her determination to be a helper and enabler often leads to her shouldering burdens she can hardly bear, or accepting personal hurts for 'the greater good'. Beneath that sunny, unpolished exterior lies a woman of many facets.. and flaws. It's simply difficult to find a crack in her self-crafted armor of morality and insistent good-humor.

Devout Down to Earth
Gifted Diplomat Good Reputation
Hardy Healing Hands
Rough Around the Edges Well Equipped


NPC Lord Joren Haver : Father
Deceased Lady Avril Haver (nee Harwich) : Mother
Deceased 'Old Jonn' Haver : Uncle, slain by Alphard Haldis
NPC 'Young Jonn' Haver : Cousin, current Baron
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