Archduchess Eleanor Greycen
Helen Mirren
Helen Mirren as Eleanor Greycen
Full Name: Eleanor Greycen
Byname: Stone Lioness
Age: 55
Date of Birth: Oct 15
Kingdom: Rivana
House: Greycen
Title/Profession: Duchess
Position: Duchess
Place of Birth: {$birthplace}
Father: Richard Greycen
Mother: {$mother}
Siblings: Raymond Greycen
Spouse: Rodrigo Greycen (nee Tracano)
Children: Johanna Tracano (nee Greycen), Thaddeus Greycen, Stephen Cassomir nee Greycen, John Greycen, and Katerine Greycen


Born 1810. Known throughout Rivana as the Stone Lioness, though not to her face. She was a prominent courtier in the court of King Stephen and Queen Katerine of Rivana, to which she was a close friend. After the demotion of the Farrants, she was able to use her courtly skills to have her father named the Duke of Seaguard, though she sadly could not convince her father to let her marry the man she loved, Manfred Tracano, her father being dead-set on her marrying his older brother Rodrigo, despite Eleanor carrying Manfred's child, Johanna. Known to be a bit more bitter after this incident and banning bardic songs of courtly love from her presence, she proved to be the most able steward to grace the house and built up its wealth and power, which aided the Roses in the Succession War, being the first noble house to bend the knee to Arturo. She maneuvered to have her son marry a Couvieri princess when Viscount Cassomir's betrothal fell through. She is known to rule her house with an iron fist and not to abide disobedience.

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