Mistress (Sir) Esyld Draven
Bridget Regan
Bridget Regan as Esyld Louisa Draven
Full Name: Esyld Louisa Draven
Byname: none
Age: 26
Date of Birth: 17 Mai, 1841 IA
Kingdom: Couviere
House: t'Maren
Title/Profession: Sir
Position: Knight, Personal Guard of Lady Alina l'Saigner
Place of Birth: Bloodfield
Father: Baron Louis t'Maren
Mother: Ashling Draven (d. 1841)
Siblings: Jonathan t'Maren (half-brother)
Spouse: none
Children: none


Esyld Draven is the recognised bastard of Baron Louis t'Maren. As such, she's been privy to the same, highly sought-after education provided by the l'Saigner vassal house to noble would-be knights from far and wide. The former mercenary captain is well known in Lonnaire; not only for her prowess on the battlefield and surprisingly down-to-earth countenance off, but moreso for her eyes. It's not unusual for hushed whispers or sidelong glances to trail in her wake.

Formerly second in command of the Black Fox cavalry unit, Esyld was recently promoted to a place within Lady Alina l'Saigner's personal guard. Quite a demonstrative move and show of faith. She must have proven herself admirably to attain such a position… and now she finds herself knighted by the Red Knight, Gabriel l'Corren himself. That will no doubt stir up a hornet's nest in certain quarters.


Quick Hooks

SOLDIER : Esyld, along with the Black Foxes, rode to battle in The Siege of Valetta, fought in The Great Raid and the following attacks in Venderos. If you're a soldier or mercenary, it's very likely they've crossed paths.

BLOODFIELD : Esyld is the recognised bastard of Louis t'Maren and as such has strong ties to his house. Any affiliation to Bloodfield would mean a connection with her, in-game.

LONNAIRE : Serving the ruling house of l'Saigner has its ups and downs. If you've been involved with any of its members in the past few years, chances are you might have met Esyld, too.

GOSSIP : Esyld is often the subject of gossip, at least among the common-born; whether for her unholy blue eyes, her knack for knocking full-grown men on their backsides with a well-timed punch or, more recently, her relationship with Corvin Fremont (not always the most well-liked of men, strangely), if you want to assume you've heard of her, for good or ill, that's perfectly fine.

KNIGHT : Having acquitted herself admirably in a recent clash with the Abara - and many times before - Esyld has just earned her spurs as a Knight. It will probably take some getting used to. Feel free to enjoy awkwardness at her expense.

On the Grid


"..are you really as dangerous as they say..?"

Corvin cants his head curiously, starting to slowly make his way across the room towards Esyld. The humor leaves his expression, though it's not shifted to anything that expresses distaste or disquiet at the seeming change in subject. When he reaches her, a callused hand reaches up and quite gently caresses her face. When he finally answers, it's with a tone that speaks of absolute certainty. No humor, no question, but also no menace or implicit threat. To his mind… a simple fact:


-Esyld & Corvin


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