FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Creation’s Edge MUSH?
Creation’s Edge is a Multi-User Shared Hallucination (MUSH) set in a (mostly) low-fantasy setting. It’s sort of like playing a tabletop role-playing game like Dungeons and Dragons via computer. If all of that is gibberish to you, you’re probably not where you intended to be, but feel free to look around anyway!

Is this high fantasy or low fantasy?
Creation’s Edge MUSH is generally a low fantasy setting. However, we do have a few elements of high fantasy that sneak in, most notably with the Faegates. If you read the timeline, you’ll find that the world has basically transitioned from a high fantasy setting to a low fantasy one over the course of thousands of years, but some remnants of that high fantasy period remain in the world.

If you’re speaking in terms of overall tone, we again veer towards low fantasy, though we try to split the middle ground between the cutthroat realism and cynicism of something like A Song of Ice and Fire (A Game of Thrones for you TV viewers), and the generally more idealistic tone of high fantasy work like The Wheel of Time. In short, we like our characters to behave reasonably like human beings, with the underlying knowledge that no, not everyone is a backstabbing monster that’s out to get you, and they’re not automatically going to “lose” because they’re not.

Is this a combat game?
Combat is a thing that happens on the game, and fairly frequently, but it is not the primary focus of the game. At the start of the game we are entering a period where large-scale “clash of armies” style battles are going to be fairly rare for a while. Most combat will be smaller skirmish-level affairs. That doesn't mean those battles might not be important in their own way, however. We do use the FS3 combat system for our game, so we have a fully coded system for resolving battles.

We have quarterly tournaments that player characters can partake in, in addition to any “real” combat that might be taking place. If your character has a martial focus, we will be striving to insure that such characters do have things to do, and as the plotline ebbs and flows there may well be periods where combat becomes more frequent and larger-scale.

How often do politics come into play?
Politics literally makes the world go ‘round. It’s probably safe to say that about 90 percent of the time the things that are happening in the world are, on some level, driven by political concerns. In short, we are a politics-heavy game, though the direct act of scheming and plotting and planning and negotiating is not necessarily happening every day.

It needs to be said that we believe very strongly in the concept of “character versus character, not player versus player.” This means that we have some rules when it comes to IC politicking in conjunction with OOC communication that fall outside the norm for many political-themed games. Please see our policies page(s) for further information.

How do I get a character here?
You can create a character by logging on to the game and following the Character Generation Process or if there any previously generated characters open for play, you can find them on the Character Concepts page, or +roster in game.

Can I play a commoner?
Yes, you can play a commoner, however we have some guidelines that you really should follow if you’re applying for a commoner character. The full details of those guidelines can be found on our Character Concepts page, but the bottom line is that if you are playing a commoner, make sure it’s a commoner that has direct ties to an active IC organization so that you’re not stuck wondering why you’re not getting RP when you applied to play the Bartender of That One Tavern in That One City that nobody happens to be frequenting at the moment. The “center” of RP on our game moves frequently (or often there will be multiple “centers”), and to varying extent it’s a good idea to apply for characters that either have the freedom to move with them, or are attached to people that do.

Can I play a monster or a vampire or blahblahblah?
No. All characters on Creation’s Edge MUSH are humans, and are further restricted to originating from the Kingdoms of Couviere or Rivana, or the City-States of Pacitta or Sanctum. If the playerbase grows large enough to warrant it and enough interest is expressed, we may open other areas of the game world, but for now and the foreseeable future it is restricted to those nations mentioned above.

No, you can’t play wizards, witches, magic healers, or sorcerers either. You might be able to play an Alchemist, though.

Can I play a head of house? Are there are rules or restrictions for playing politically powerful characters?
You can play the head of a noble house, within certain limitations. The heads of Ducal and Royal level houses are staff-run NPCs, due to the tremendous amount of power and influence they wield and the fact that their position is a combination of both largely stationary (such powerful characters rarely leave their seats of power without very good reason), and necessary to be around to move plots forward as needed (which means that putting them in any given player’s hands could cause problems if said player suddenly decides they don’t want to play on the game anymore).

However, you can apply for Ducal heirs, or for Viscount-level and lower nobles. There are still some restrictions though, as some positions may require what is called an Advanced or Elite Character application (see the Character Generation and the Advanced and Elite Characters pages for more information), and you are still restricted to those houses which are currently open for application. Regardless of your noble title (see the Nobles page for more information), if politics is what you want to focus on, we will strive to insure that such characters have plenty of opportunity to get involved in them.

How does consent work here?
We operate on what we call “limited consent” here. This basically boils down to this: Your character will usually not be killed or suffer massive permanent alteration without your permission. However, In-Character Actions (ICA) equal In-Character Consequences (ICC) does outweigh consent here. See our Policies Page(s) for more information on the limited consent policy.

How does travel work?
For the most part, travel works as it normally would in a roughly early-renaissance era society. Horses, carts, wagons, carriages, and various types of boats are the primary means of travel for most people. Rivers are in many cases watery “roads” to get people and goods from place-to-place. The Edge (or setting) does have a fairly widespread system of decent-to-excellent roads to help facilitate travel between major locales, but partially because our setting covers a fairly large geographic area (roughly equal to the western portion of the European continent), there is one significant means to reduce travel times built into our setting: The Faegates.

See the Faegates page for how they operate and the in-character restrictions on their use, but generally speaking, so long as your character is willing, you can utilize the Faegate system to ICly reach nearly any major location on the game in the span of a week or less, though of course you should probably be careful about trying to just walk into foreign nations and the like…you can’t take an army with you.

So the very short answer is: If you’re travelling a long distance in a small group, and your character is ICly willing to use Faegates, you should probably allot a couple or three days for travel time, at least. If you’re travelling in a large group or your character refuses to use Faegates (many characters within the world ICly do), then…it would take roughly a month and a half to travel overland from the southern edge of our IC area to the northern tip, or about a month to go from East to West. At the staff’s discretion such IC travel times might be condensed somewhat, but they cannot be completely ignored.

What time system are we on? Is it 1:1 or 4:1 or something else?
Creation’s Edge operates on a 1:1 time scale. One day in the real world equals one-day on the MUSH. Our Calendar is the same as the Gregorian Calendar (though we use the French names for the months), so if it’s February 12th in the real world, it’s Fevrier 12th in the game world. Of course, RP being what it is, it’s entirely possible that In-character scenes might be backdated or even forward-dated as needed to fit your character’s personal timelines, and that’s OK, as long as it doesn’t affect other player characters without their players’ permission.

This theme and a lot of the characters look really similar to another MUSH called the Eternal Crusade. What gives?

You are correct. Creation’s Edge was founded by several of the former staffers from Eternal Crusade. Atilla, one of our staff heads (Formerly known as Hobbes on Eternal Crusade) wrote most (about 90 percent) of the theme for Eternal Crusade, and after a fundamental disagreement with certain EC Staffers on the direction of the game both OOCly and ICly that led to a slew of bannings (ours, to be precise), it was decided that we would create a game of our own and run it our own way. Creation’s Edge is designed in such a way so that players from Eternal Crusade can bring their characters here with minimal changes (usually just changing a few names and accounting for some additional events on the timeline). The main NPCs will likely look quite familiar, even if names have been changed and additional changes and embellishments to their histories may have been made. We've reworked the geography, added to the backstory and the theme in various ways, renamed pretty much anything that we didn’t come up with ourselves, and otherwise tweaked things to provide better internal consistency, and to endeavor to insure that only that work which we created is represented here (if usually in a somewhat altered form to better suit the new-ish theme). There are some other additions and changes you may note as you go through the wiki (if you’re familiar with Eternal Crusade).

If you would like to be more specific: The names of the various nations, and the names (and names only) of the Ducal and Royal houses were devised in part or in whole by Snoopy at Eternal Crusade. All the history, flavor, and details of said nations, NPCs, and Organizations from Eternal Crusade that have been used here (with some alterations) were originally created and written by Attila (Hobbes), or other staffers that are here on Creation’s Edge. To the best of our knowledge, only player characters that were created by those people playing or staffing on our game were transferred whole-cloth, and even then changes have been made (usually to names, but occasionally other tweaks). All pertinent NPCs have had their names changed if said names were not devised by us originally, and in some cases all-new NPCs have been created to fill voids in the game world where needed. If you see a character or name here that you feel is not properly credited by these statements, let us know and we will insure proper credit is given where needed, or that the necessary changes are made to insure that our version is distinct enough to be considered relatively “original” to Creation’s Edge.

For our part, we do not consider ourselves a competitor to Eternal Crusade so much as an alternative. Players are of course welcome to decide for themselves which of the two games they prefer, or if they like both, to play both! Events will continue to diverge moving forward, leading to games that are substantially different in terms of not only style, but content.

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