House Bazan
The Root of Wisdom
House Overview
Head of House: Giorgio Bazan (b. 1820)
Spouse: Isabella Bazan (Durante) (b. 1821)
Vassals: Rosendal, Charwin, Reuel
Heir: Maria Bazan (b. 1842)
Liege: Greycen
Succession: Eldest child inherits
Military Strength: Weak
Goods: Foodstuffs, access to their library, scholars and learning
Resources: Foodstuffs, fish
Lands: Wide flat lands, good for agriculture
Climate: Warm and dry.
Wealth: 3
Motto: The Root of Wisdom
Allies: Tracano, t'Acuto
Rivals: Haldis


A house of Alhazredi heritage, the Viscounts of Summerseat are renown scholars and their castle plays host to one of the largest collection of books and scrolls in the Edge (certainly the largest in Rivana). While the members of House Bazan are renown as scholars they are less proficient as warriors with a handful of exceptions.



Summerseat Castle



House Relations

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