House Carling
Blood and Faith
House Overview
Head of House: Count Willard Carling (49)
Spouse: Countess Carlene Carling nee Tracano
Vassals: Brega, Quilven, and Brenor
Heir: Lord Kennon Carling (28)
Liege: Gerrell
Succession: Oldest son inherits, if no sons, then the line passes to the next male in the succession.
Military Strength: Knights, archers, heavy infantry
Goods: Almonds, silver
Resources: Agricultural goods
Lands: Some highlands and lowland plains
Climate: Cold winters moderate summers
Wealth: 3
Motto: Blood and Faith
Allies: Howlett, Bayard
Rivals: Farrant


House Carling has its origins in the Kherzari Hordes that followed Rickard Gerrell. Following Sandoval's Miracle they became followers of the One Faith and guardians of Holymount and the founders of its shrine to Saint Martha. Today they are one of Normont's more powerful families and one of the few with a knightly tradition.



Holymount Castle



The Abbey of Saint Martha on the Mountaintop

House Relations

Tracano Queen Alysande : Anton’s treachery left this family grasping the wrong branch of the royal tree and our political ties to the Tracano aren’t as strong as we hoped they’d be when we wed one of their daughters. Still, royal blood is royal blood and we’ll do our best to sing the Rose Queen’s praises and sweep our connection to the kingdom’s thorny past under the rug like our forefathers did with their heathen heritage.
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