House Cassomir
Courage in War, Honor in Peace
House Overview
Head of House: Viscountess Raelyn Cassomir
Spouse: Count Stephen Cassomir
Vassals: Fendral, Hogan, Volstak
Heir: None
Liege: Tracano
Succession: Eldest child, regardless of gender
Military Strength: A small but extremely well-trained and seasoned assemblage of various troops, particularly noted for its' Knights, Scouts, and its' Garrison forces.
Goods: Iron/Steel, Finished Weapons and Armor, Furs, Forest Herbs
Resources: Iron, Lumber, Game Animals (Many varieties), Pelts and Leather, Forest Herbs
Lands: Highlands and Woodlands
Climate: Temperate
Wealth: 3 While revenue is high, the well-equipped military forces and defenses of the County require a lot of upkeep, and the Cassomirs' policies often funnel a good bit of the wealth they garner back into their communities.
Motto: Courage in War, Honor in Peace
Allies: Tracano, Greycen, Durante
Rivals: t'Maren (Cordial Rivalry)


House Cassomir is a vassalage to House Tracano in Rivana, overseeing the County of Ironhold. They are renowned for producing excellent warriors and their strong sense of honor, but are recovering from a recent spate of misfortune in the wake of the Rivanan Civil War.



Roseguard Castle, the Seat of House Cassomir


House Relations

Tracano House Tracano : Our Lieges and our closest allies. As they command, we follow. The Rose Queen shows us much favor, and we must continue to prove ourselves worthy of it. We have ever been their strong shield arm, and will continue to be for as long as they require.
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