House Charwin
Knowledge is the Key
House Overview
Head of House: Lord Dain Charwin (b. 1838)
Spouse: Catherine Charwin nee Tuscola (b. 1837)
Vassals: none
Heir: Sancha Charwin (b. 1862)
Liege: Count Bazan of Summerseat
Succession: Oldest Child Inherits
Military Strength: Sappers and field engineers
Goods: Clockworks (very expensive! and rare!), woodwrought items (chests, trunks etc), locks and keys; etc
Resources: Iron, grain, fruit, lumber
Lands: Forrested highlands with plains to the south
Climate: Warm summers, mild winters
Wealth: 3. Fairly wealthy for their size but reinvest often in new projects.
Motto: Knowledge is the Key
Allies: Bazan, Rosendal
Rivals: Callidus, Howlett


Secretive noble-craftsmen who have a reputation for brilliance in woodwork, metallurgy, engineering and most recently mechanical design. Though despite their brilliance occasionally their more cutting edge inventions get the better of them to catastrophic results. As such most houses look at them in askance but gladly pay money for their more conventional creations.



Locksafe Keep



House Relations

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