House Farrant
Yet We Stand
House Overview
Head of House: Eduard Farrant
Spouse: None
Vassals: None
Heir: None
Liege: Gerrell
Succession: Eldest child inherits
Military Strength: Weak
Goods: Breeders of high quality riding horses, some livestock
Resources: Food stuffs.
Lands: Lowlands with some mountains
Climate: Cold winters, mild summers
Wealth: 2
Motto: Yet We Stand
Allies: Gerrell
Rivals: Howlett, Haver


Formerly the Dukes of Seaguard with the motto of 'Power and Pride' the Farrants were all but wiped out by their Duchess Belladona Farrant of House l'Saigner at the start of the Thirty Years War and their lands passed to the Greycens. Some years later through the good graces of their kinswomen the Duchess of Normont they were granted a lordship in the north and changed their words to 'Yet We Stand'. The Farrants supported the Thorns in the Thorn Uprising and a number of their scions were killed or dispossessed as a result leaving the succession uncertain.



House Relations

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