House Gerrell
Neither Spare Nor Scorn
House Overview
Head of House: Duke Symon Gerrell
Spouse: Duchess Dora Gerell (nee Callidus)
Vassals: Howlett, Harwich, Farrant, Bayard, Carling
Heir: Aaron Gerrell
Liege: Tracano
Succession: Eldest male child inherits. When no males the eldest female may inherit.
Military Strength: Known for their infantry, good bowmen and some light cavalry.
Goods: Greathawks, ore and salt mining, pilgrims to the shrine of St. Sandoval
Resources: Foodstuffs, furs,
Lands: Highlands with some forrest
Climate: Cold winters with mild summers
Wealth: 4
Motto: Neither Spare Nor Scorn
Allies: Farrant
Rivals: Howlett


House Gerrell rules over the most northern Duchy of Rivana, Normont, from Falconhome. Though they are without a port, the Duchy is fairly well-off with a strong growing climate and mines and quarries through the mountains. Most of their wealth comes from their salt mines. Their position to the North, combined with the mountains, gives Normont a reputation as being aloof, and somewhat separated from the rest of the kingdom. This opinion is only furthered by the Gerrell position to remain neutral during the civil war, and focus on protecting the northern border during internal strife. They are known some for their archery, but mostly for their fierce infantry.



Falconhome Castle



A Gerrell Greathawk

House Relations

Tracano Tracano : To be truthful we've always held ourselves apart from Rivana and it's royal house though now given how far Duchess Alyanna has gone, we must revise that view at least in public and appear to be loyal servants to survive.
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