House Giraldi
Strength Through All
House Overview
Head of House: Miranda Giraldi
Spouse: None
Vassals: None
Heir: Raimond Giraldi (b. 1844)
Liege: Haldis
Succession: Eldest child inherits
Military Strength: A small force of mercenaries
Goods: {$goods}
Resources: {$resources}
Lands: Lowlands and some highlands. The River Divisus runs down the western edge of their lands.
Climate: Temperate
Wealth: 5
Motto: Strength Through All
Allies: Haldis
Rivals: Marwyn


A newly risen house in Rivana, House Giraldi owes its status to its kinship to Duke Darren Haldis. Their lady is the Duke's mother Miranda Giraldi who was once Duke Bryar Haldis' mistress. Having married since giving birth to the Bastard Duke of Eastfield, she fled to Eastfield after the murder of her husband Low Councillor Armando Giraldi. While Lady Miranda and her children are well loved by the Duke they are less well liked by the nobility of Eastfield and especially the Marwyns who have held a grudge against Miranda Giraldi since Duke Bryar begun to lavish attention on her and not his wife Esme who was born of their house.

Still the house's kinship with the Duke and their ties to Pacitta promise them a bright future if they can survive their rivals in Rivana.



The Castle and Town of Whitewalls



House Relations






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