House Greycen
Forever Strong
House Overview
Head of House: Eleanor Greycen
Spouse: Rodrigo Greycen (Tracano)
Vassals: Bazan, Voranta, Arvale, Hellenos, Addin
Heir: Thaddeus Greycen
Liege: Tracano
Succession: Eldest child, regardless of gender
Military Strength: Strong
Goods: {$goods}
Resources: {$resources}
Lands: {$lands}
Climate: {$climate}
Wealth: 4
Motto: Forever Strong
Allies: Tracano, l'Valdan, Cassomir, Carling
Rivals: Haldis


The Greycens were the largest family to side with the Rose during the Succession war and they have profited from their loyalty since the war's conclusion. They have risen up from being barons due to the luck and skill of the current duchess.



House Relations

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