House Haldis
Ever Forward
House Overview
Head of House: Darren Haldis (32)
Spouse: Miriah Haldis (Aquilla) (27, d. 1863)
Vassals: Marwyn, Lockley, Dardin, Lowell, Giraldi
Heir: Randall Haldis (57)
Liege: Tracano
Succession: Eldest inherits regardless of gender but must be a knight.
Military Strength: Strong cavalry
Goods: Superior Warhorses, Livestock
Resources: Foodstuffs, some iron.
Lands: Highlands opening into plains.
Climate: Moderate winters and summers.
Wealth: 2.5, High military expenditure and recent rebuilding efforts have weakened the household coffers.
Motto: Ever Forward
Allies: Tracano
Rivals: Greycen, l'Corren, l'Faust


Rivana's premier cavalry men house Haldis has been the backbone of the kingdom's military for centuries with members of House Haldis distinguishing themselves in conflict after conflict. These years of conflict have come home to roost however with the Succession War and the more recent Thorn Uprising which saw considerable fighting within the Duchy and leaving both the Duke's line less than secure but stirring up bad blood among their vassals as well.





House Relations

Tracano Queen Alysande : Our liege lords, we may not have served the ruling line from the first but we have always served the Tracano.
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