House Haver
Deny Us Not
House Overview
Head of House: Jonn Haver (b. 1829)
Spouse: {$spouse}
Vassals: None
Heir: Brandon Haver (b. 1850)
Liege: Lockley
Succession: Eldest child inherits
Military Strength: Strong
Goods: Stone, coal, strong cheeses
Resources: Iron, some grains and hides
Lands: Rocky highlands
Climate: {$climate}
Wealth: 3
Motto: Deny Us Not
Allies: Haldis
Rivals: Farrant


A rough and tumble house living on the edges of Eastfield sharing a border with Normont to the north and the Vorlonian Mountains to their east. A pragmatic house they are known to have ties with a handful of Myrned tribes and with the Paladin Order which was founded in a town that would later become part of their barony.





House Relations

Tracano Queen Alysande Tracano : Our royal house, though one that is far removed from our lands.
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