House l'Corren
For God by Blade
House Overview
Head of House: Cesare l’Corren
Spouse: Florencia l’Corren
Vassals: t’Resseux , t'Cadri, t’Tremaine, t’Callan, t’Laucran
Heir: Michael l’Corren
Liege: l’Valdan
Succession: Oldest son inherits, must be a knight. If no sons, oldest daughter will inherit (this is recent), knighthood still required.
Military Strength: House l’Corren fields the finest Knights in Couviere. They are the strongest military power in that nation.
Goods: Iron, Coal, and Timber. Military Training. Tourism. Warhorses.
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Wealth: 3 House l’Corren's Iron Mines and Timber interests keep it profitable, though a great deal of that wealth goes towards maintaining their military forces.
Motto: For God by Blade
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House l’Corren is the dominant military power in Couviere, ruling over the Duchy of Murnord. For centuries they have been the sword and shield of that Kingdom, but their reputation has suffered in recent years due to crushing defeats in the Thirty Years' War and the Tirian Crusade.



House Relations

lvaldan House l’Valdan : They are our liege lords and we have served them faithfully for centuries. Our recent disgraces have understandably displeased them, however. We must again earn their trust and confidence, though at least we have the comfort of knowing the future Queen was born from our line.
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