House l’Faust
Justice and Truth
House Overview
Head of House: Manfred l'Faust
Spouse: Evelina l'Faust
Vassals: t'Cordova, t'Artan, t'Mollari, t'Orcier, t'Bartone
Heir: Osric l'Faust
Liege: l'Valdan
Succession: Eldest child inherits
Military Strength: {$military}
Goods: {$goods}
Resources: {$resources}
Lands: {$lands}
Climate: {$climate}
Wealth: 5
Motto: Justice and Truth
Allies: {$allies}
Rivals: {$rivals}


House l'Faust is an old, old house, among the eldest in Creation's Edge. While the other great houses of the North can trace their lineage back to the earliest days of the Kingdom of Couviere, the l'Fausts can boast a still older lineage, one that stretches back to the Etharian Empire.



House Relations

MushName Head of House : Relationship
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