House l'Saigner
Not By Strength Alone
House Overview
Head of House: James Leonard l’Saigner
Spouse: Mina l’Saigner nee l’Faust d. 11/7/1867 of plague
Vassals: t’Maren, t’Picot, t’Myrin, t’Corbeau, t’Rannis
Heir: Alina l’Saigner
Liege: l’Valdan
Succession: Merit-based
Military Strength: Employs a premiere mercenary company (The Black Fox Company), and is feared for its experts in unconventional warfare (known as "Wraiths".)
Goods: Ships, Fish, Timber, Livestock
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Wealth: 3 (5). Moderate for its' size, at least officially. However its' Syndicate ties make certain it has plenty of "under the table" resources as needed.
Motto: Not By Strength Alone
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House l’Saigner rules the Duchy of Lonnaire in southern Couviere. They have a rather checkered reputation, with a history of treachery and rumors of dark dealings in the present.



House Relations:

lvaldan King Maris l’Valdan : They are our rulers. Though few believe it, we serve them faithfully, and do so by undertaking those tasks which others might find distasteful. We get our hands dirty so that others won't have to. The other houses may never know our true value to Couviere, but the King does…and that is enough. For now.
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