House l'Valdan
Faith, Fortune, and Foresight
House Overview
Head of House: Jean-Paul l'Valdan
Spouse: Queen Louisa l'Valdan
Vassals: l’Saigner, l’Corren, l’Faust, t'Juliano, t'Andalucci, t’Acuto, t’Vanile, t’Hone
Heir: Crown Prince Lyonel l'Valdan
Liege: None
Succession: Oldest legitimate child inherits. Bastards of any sort (even legitimized or noble) are barred from inheritance.
Military Strength: House l’Valdan's royal guard is the equal of any unit in the Edge. They also have a great many veteran crusaders favorably inclined towards fighting on their behalf, with particularly strong ties to the Templars. Rovilon also has a strong Navy, with some of the finest Warships in the Edge.
Goods: Whale oil, whale bone items; pearls; coral and sponges; transport (mostly in the form of port fees from the capitol docks); Foodstuffs— green peas, apples; shark, tuna, and grabbers (lobster)
Resources: Salt, wheat, carrots and turnips and potatoes, spirits (potato vodka), limestone, whale meat
Lands: Coastal lowlands, with river, some highlands and forests.
Climate: Distinct seasons, leans towards being cool, winters can be harsh.
Wealth: 5. Centuries of good management have kept the l’Valdan coffers full through thick and thin
Motto: Faith, Fortune, and Foresight
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House l’Valdan is the Royal House of Couviere. They have a reputation as great builders and strong administrators but have seen some of their power and prestige wane in the wake of the The Tirian Tribes Crusade and the Thirty Years' War.



House Relations

lcorren Head of House : They are our strong right hand, our sword and shield. Their recent setbacks are worrying, however. We must work to bolster their bodies and spirits, for they will no doubt be needed when war again comes to our lands.
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