House Marwyn
Strong and True
House Overview
Head of House: Viscountess (Sir) Sybilla Marwyn
Spouse: Count (Sir) Oliver Marwyn (d. 1860)
Vassals: Godwin (formerly), Culver, Ried
Heir: Ceclia Marwyn
Liege: Haldis
Succession: Eldest child inherits
Military Strength: Strong
Goods: Best swords and armor and Rivana
Resources: iron, copper, various food stuffs
Lands: Mix of lowlands and highlands
Climate: Warm summers, wet winters
Wealth: 4
Motto: Strong and True
Allies: Haldis, Durante
Rivals: Haldis, Giraldi, Lockley


Known to employ some of the best sword and armour smiths in Rivana, the Marwyn county of Darkmoor is often called the armory of Eastfield. The other thing the house is known for is to be exacting with justice as their smiths are to the standards of the craft. Currently ruled by 'The Iron Countess', they are a powerful house in Eastfield and one with a considerable axe to grind against both the Duke and the Giraldi.





House Relations

Tracano Queen Alysande Tracano : Disorder in the royal house tore this kingdom apart, as much as we did profit by that chaos we hope it does not happen again.
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