House Moreno
Loyalty and Strength
House Overview
Head of House: Baldwin Moreno
Spouse: None
Vassals: None
Heir: Adem Moreno
Liege: Tracano
Succession: Merit based.
Military Strength: Weak
Goods: Glass, trade
Resources: Fish and farming
Lands: Coastal lowlands with rivers
Climate: Warm humid summers, cool winters but little snow.
Wealth: 5. Extremely wealthy
Motto: Loyalty and Strength
Allies: Tracano, Silva
Rivals: Abara, Howlett, Charwin and Hogan


A recently ennobled house of merchants who have traditionally had strong ties to the Tracanos and in particular Queen Alysande. Privately they are smugglers and members of the Rivanan Syndicate who during the Succession War safeguarded the Queen by smuggling past those seeking her death.



House Relations

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