House t’Acuto
Our minds, our might!
House Overview
Head of House: Artos t'Acuto
Spouse: Lucia t'Acuto (nee l’Saigner)
Vassals: TBD
Heir: Jordan t'Acuto
Liege: l’Valdan
Succession: Eldest Child
Military Strength: Moderate
Goods: Scribes and the work of scribes; books, parchments, maps, scrolls, and manuscripts; tutoring; passage of study
Resources: The same as above; fish; some grains and vegetables
Lands: Coastal lowlands
Climate: Temperate
Wealth: 3. The t'Acuto have a small port, but the bulk of their wealth comes in the trade associated with, and the fees generated from, the Royal Library.
Motto: Our minds, our might!
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House Relations

lvaldan King Maris l’Valdan : House t'Acuto was one of the first houses to accept the authority of the l’Valdan. This tradition of loyalty has continued into the current day with Baron Artos t'Acuto following his liege's orders when instructred.
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