House t'Andalucci
Wisdom, Duty, Life
House Overview
Head of House: Mattias t’Andalucci
Spouse: Andrea t'Andalucci (t'Acuto)
Vassals: t'Figgi, t'Jordine, t'Laurel
Heir: Marten t’Andalucci
Liege: House l’Valdan
Succession: Merit based
Military Strength: Small
Goods: Officially: Processed medicines and alchemicals; herbs and teas; grains such as barley, oats, and wheat. Unofficially: Drugs.
Resources: Sheep and wool; general vegetables and fruits fitting the climate
Lands: Interior lowlands with rivers, minor woodlands
Climate: Cool, temperate
Wealth: High for a house of their size. (see below)
Motto: Wisdom, Duty, Life
Allies: l'Valdan, l'Saigner, t'Corbeau
Rivals: t’Resseux, The Paladin Order


A renown house of healers the head of the t'Andalucci is by tradition also the royal physician. They have used that privileged position to gain prominence among the vassals of the l'Valdan, however that is not all there is to the house. Under the table they are also members of the Syndicate and the primary purveyors of drugs and alchemicals to the Couvieri underworld.



House Relations

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