House t’Artan
Fear Our Bite
House Overview
Head of House: Viscount Ludovic t'Artan
Spouse: Countess Taria t'Artan
Vassals: t'Caden, t'Sarrius, t'Meloni
Heir: Lord Conrad t'Artan
Liege: l’Faust
Succession: Oldest child inherits
Military Strength: Cavalry
Goods: Leather, coal, cattle
Resources: Some iron, grains, vegetables
Lands: Deep valley lowlands surrounded on three sides by mountain highlands.
Climate: Moderate with strong storms.
Wealth: 3
Motto: Fear Our Bite
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The t'Artan are a knightly house with deep knightly traditions. They suffered considerable damage and losses during the Thirty Years War but has recovered better than other house have and even saw one of their members wed to a Rivanan in the years after the war.



Inferna Castle



t'Artan Cattle, a major trade good

House Relations

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