House t’Cauthone
Let the Die be Cast
House Overview
Head of House: Mathis t'Cauthone (b. 1820)
Spouse: Marianne t'Cauthone nee t'Vanille (b. 1820)
Vassals: None
Heir: Joshua t'Cauthone (b. 1840)
Liege: t'Rannis
Succession: Eldest child
Military Strength: Limited
Goods: Swamp herbs, leathers, waterdragon and watersnake skin and leather, alchemical water and mud (really just from a hot springs),
Resources: Swamprat meat and pelts, herbs,
Lands: Mostly wooded swampland with a river running along the northwestern border.
Climate: Wet and temperate
Wealth: 2
Motto: Let the Die be Cast
Allies: t'Rynelle.
Rivals: t'Orianne


Derided by some as swamprats and gamblers, the t'Cauthone seem not to care, being content with their swampy homeland and their role as river-traders and 'fixers' for their lords and the l'Saigner.



House Relations

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