House t’Corbeau
From the Ground to the Sun
House Overview
Head of House: Viscountess Talia t'Corbeau
Spouse: Count Dominic t'Corbeau (nee t'Juliano) .d
Vassals: t’Arx, t’Rynelle, t’Orianne
Heir: Andrew t'Corbeau
Liege: l'Saigner
Succession: Eldest child, with conditions
Military Strength: Moderate
Goods: Open: Cold storage while traveling. Travel fees. Purefrost Alchemy and Alchemists. Secret: Assassins, slaves.
Resources: Alchemicals. Timber, sheep, wool, herbs and poisons, fish, pelts, fur, game meat, some grains and vegetables.
Lands: Mostly inland woodlands with some coast and pastureland, and a network of roads crossing. Rivers.
Climate: Mild summers with somewhat strong winters.
Wealth: 3
Motto: From the Ground to the Sun
Allies: l'Saigner, t'Juliano
Rivals: t'Rannis


A house that publicly makes it's fortune by exploiting its place on the crossroads of western Couviere and providing valuable alchemicals needed for the transportation of goods. Though what perhaps they are best known for is being the training grounds of the Wraiths, however much both they and the l'Saigner deny it. Behind the scenes the t'Corbeau traffic in slaves and murder as one of Couviere's syndicate families.



House Relations

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