House t’Hone
By Word and Blade
House Overview
Head of House: {$head}
Spouse: {$spouse}
Vassals: None
Heir: {$heir}
Liege: l'Valdan
Succession: Eldest child
Military Strength: Strong
Goods: Furs, honey, mead, sugars
Resources: Game meat. some farming
Lands: Highlands with rivers, a lake, some woodlands and open, wildflower and grass-filled
Climate: Long cold winters, short mild summers
Wealth: 2
Motto: By Word and Blade
Allies: t'Fleur, t'Cadri
Rivals: t'Juliano


Trappers, hunters and the rough-edged bulwark against the barbarians. The t'Hone may lack cultivated manners but they make up for it in bravery that borders on the insane, often hunting the feared ice bear for sport as well as their valuable pelts.



House Relations

MushName Head of House : Relationship
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