House t'Juliano
From the First
House Overview
Head of House: Julian t'Juliano (b. 1837)
Spouse: Simone t'Juliano nee l'Corren (b. 1838)
Vassals: t’Kemp, t’Merculone, t’Perrini
Heir: Julius t'Juliano (b. 1860)
Liege: l’Valdan
Succession: Eldest child
Military Strength: Strong
Goods: Iron and copper, down and feathers, quartz and blood quartz as well as making featherbeds and pillows.
Resources: Foodstuffs, fish, waterfowl, some timber.
Lands: Interior lowlands with some forest, large lake (Denas Lake) which the seat is on the banks of, rivers, minimal highlands.
Climate: Short, cool summers and long, chilly but mostly mild winters (snow but rarely storms).
Wealth: 3
Motto: From the First
Allies: l'Faust, t'Corbeau
Rivals: t'Andalucci, t'Mollari, t'Hone


A noble and warlike house claiming decent from Julian Castor and more recently Sir Julian t'Juliano, who won several victories against the Kherzari hordes in Couviere's early years and was an early rival to the l'Valdan for the kingship of Couviere. Settled now into the role of vassal the t'Juliano have distinguished themselves as aggressive defenders of Couviere's borders with Tiria and just as aggressive in pursuing their ambitions at court.



House Relations

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