House t’Maren
For Honor Not Glory
House Overview
Head of House: Louis t'Maren
Spouse: Melanie t'Maren (nee t'Synclarre)
Vassals: None
Heir: Johnathan t'Maren
Liege: l'Saigner
Succession: Eldest child inherits, must be a knight.
Military Strength: Strong
Goods: Horses, trade, military training.
Resources: Farming, livestock some mining
Lands: Coastal highlands with rolling pastureland in the southern portion of the fief.
Climate: Mild winters due to large coastal area. Mild summers due to coastal area combined with distance north.
Wealth: 3
Motto: For Honor Not Glory
Allies: t'Synclarre, t'Cadri
Rivals: t'Rannis, t'Corbeau


The only house in Lonnaire known to regularly produce knights but the knights they produce are excellent. Known as some of the best trainers in Couviere their services are in high demand both for training normal troops and for squires. Despite not being a typical Lonnaire house they are strangely loyal to their dukes which only serves to perplex their knightly allies outside Lonnaire.



House Relations

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