House Tracano
In Glory Undimmed
House Overview
Head of House: Queen Alysande Tracano
Spouse: None
Vassals: Greycen, Haldis, Gerrell, Durante, Cassomir, and others
Heir: Prince Arturo Tracano
Liege: None
Succession: Eldest legitimate child inherits.
Military Strength: All the Houses of Rivana answer to them, but House Tracano has a robust military force of its' own that includes troops of nearly any variety. This includes the fearsome Royal Guard, as well as some of the finest heavy infantry in the Edge. Their garrison forces are also known to be virtually unbreakable.
Goods: Precious Metals, Timber, Livestock, Wines
Resources: {$resources}
Lands: {$lands}
Climate: {$climate}
Wealth: 5+ - House Tracano is among the wealthiest houses of the Edge.
Motto: In Glory Undimmed
Allies: Greycen, Haldis, Cassomir, Durante
Rivals: l'Valdan


House Tracano is the royal house of Rivana and an ascendant power in Creation's Edge despite having only recently recovered from a Civil War.



Sunsreach Palace, the Royal Seat of House Tracano and the Kingdom of Rivana


House Relations

Haldis Duke Darren Haldis : Friend? Foe? Even they can't seem to make up their mind. They nearly destroyed us in the Succession War, but in the end we also owe them our victory. We could have slain the Bastard Duke, but we granted mercy. It seems it was the right decision, as he and those loyal to him fought hard in the recent Incursion, even when beset from seemingly all sides within their own Duchy. All other things considered, their troops are the backbone of our armies, and it would do well to make sure they stay loyal. Thankfully the need for rebuilding Eastfield will produce ample opportunities to tie them more strongly to the Throne.
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