House t’Synclarre
We Do Not Yield
House Overview
Head of House: Lord Joffrey t'Synclarre
Spouse: Lady Gwendolyn t'Synclarre nee l'Corren
Vassals: None save Landed Knights and Petty Lords
Heir: Lord Robert t'Synclarre
Liege: House t'Cadri
Succession: Oldest Child, Knighthood required
Military Strength: Cavalry (Knights)
Goods: Warhorses, Military Training, Foodstuffs
Resources: {$resources}
Lands: {$lands}
Climate: {$climate}
Wealth: 3
Motto: We Do Not Yield
Allies: l'Corren, t'Cadri, t'Vir
Rivals: {$rivals}


An old and well-respected lordship in vassalage to House t'Cadri in the Duchy of Murnord, House t'Synclarre has a reputation as some of the most devout warriors in the north, and fields an abnormally high number of Templars among its' military forces.




House Relations

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