House t’Tremaine
Here We Stand
House Overview
Head of House: Benjamin t'Tremaine
Spouse: Annaliese t'Tremaine
Vassals: Non-Landed Lords and Knights
Heir: Elrick t'Tremaine
Liege: Duke l’Corren
Succession: Oldest son inherits, knighthood required
Military Strength: Outriders, Irregular Calvary. Diminished and maintains 60% less troops than they should.
Goods: Sugar and syrup, pelts, furs (wolf, ermine, mink, black and brown bear), boar and leather, timber
Resources: Some herbs and foodstuffs. A minute amount of iron, though the mines are both petering out.
Lands: Heavily wooded interior mixture of lowlands and highlands called The Hartwood.
Climate: Harsh winters and cool summers.
Wealth: 2.5 Once a major holding, it has diminished due to the Thirty Years War when much of it's wealth and population was hit hard by the Northern and Southern fronts. Recently with the help of the heir and some savvy business deals their financial troubles have lessened somewhat
Motto: Here We Stand
Allies: Very few if any in court. The t’Tremaine baron has done a fair job of pushing away potential friends and allies. the t’Mollari feign alliance but secretly are using them for their own amusement. Recently the t'Rannis have made offers for alliance.
Rivals: t’Callan, t’Laucran, t’Carriex, t’Vir


House t'Tremaine existed before the Crusades and was known as one of the Northern Kingdom's great houses. It initially bore the name l'Tremaine in the days of the Etharian Empire, and contended with the t'Mollari as one of the dominant Houses of the old Colony of Couviere.




House Relations

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