King (Sir) Jaren Daved Tracano
Christian Bale
Christian Bale as Jaren Daved Tracano (nee Cassomir)
Full Name: Jaren Daved Tracano (nee Cassomir)
Byname: The Queen's Champion
Age: 33
Date of Birth: Aout 15, 1832
Kingdom: Rivana
House: Tracano
Title/Profession: King
Position: Knight
Place of Birth: Iron March, Ironhold, Rivana
Father: Baron Aric Cassomir (d. 1861, Banshee Victim)
Mother: Baroness Mathilda Cassomir (d. 1861, Banshee Victim)
Siblings: Lord Sir Darren Cassomir (d. 1860, Battle), Lord Sir Matias Cassomir (Elder Brother, d. 1860, Battle), Lord Sir Randall Cassomir (Elder Brother, d. 1861, Banshee Victim), Lady Raelyn Cassomir (Younger Sister), Lord Sir Devlin Cassomir (Younger Brother), Lady Emilia Cassomir (Younger Sister)
Spouse: Queen Alysande Tracano
Children: Arturo b. 1867


Sir Jaren Cassomir is the current Viscount of Ironhold, and the Champion of the Rose Queen of Rivana, Alysande Tracano. He is famous throughout the Edge and widely regarded as the most skilled Knight alive and an exemplar of honor and chivalry. With the elevation of his house to a County from a Barony and his betrothal to the Queen of Rivana, Sir Jaren has led his house to the greatest degree of power and influence it has ever known, though it has certainly come at great cost to his family.

This Character is a Staff NPC.

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