Lord (Sir) Leander Giraldi
Antonio Banderas
Antonio Banderas as Leander Giraldi
Full Name: Leander Giraldi
Byname: None
Age: 21
Date of Birth: Juin 27, 1846
Kingdom: Rivana
House: Giraldi
Title/Profession: Lord / Sir
Position: Knight
Place of Birth: Pacitta
Father: Armando Giraldi (d. 1847, Murdered)
Mother: Miranda Giraldi (nee t'Alvi)
Siblings: Raimond Giraldi (21), Lydia Giraldi (18)
Spouse: N/A
Children: N/A


Sir Leander Giraldi, born of the Lady Miranda Giraldi, is a newly minted knight and noble. His mother's poor reputation looms over the house, but Leander is doing his best to add his own poor reputation as well, it would seem. Like his mother and siblings, he is certainly handsome…and is considerably more ostentatious, both on and off the field of honor. Possessed of a unique sense of duty, he will defend his family and his kingdom and those he fancies from all fronts, but others that cannot hold his interest he may protect physically simply because it is right and never think about them again. He may hold some peculiar beliefs, leaning heavily towards superstitions and folklore. However, he is certainly a shrewd man, with the possibility that the superstitious nonsense is just an act to keep his detractors unsettled. For…there are many who look down on his family name and his self-serving appearance. Leander could not care less. Let those fools fret over the value of a name. He shall let his sword speak for him.

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