Lady (Sir) Lillian l'Valdan
Lauren Cohan
Lauren Cohan as Lillian l'Valdan
Full Name: Lillian l'Valdan
Byname: None
Age: 22
Date of Birth: Mar 22
Kingdom: Couviere
House: l'Valdan
Title/Profession: Lady / Sir
Position: Lady / Knight
Place of Birth: Aveyron Palace, Rovilon
Father: Michael l'Valdan (d.)
Mother: Beatrice l'Valdan (nee t’Acuto)
Siblings: Andrea and one other
Spouse: None
Children: None


The second daughter of Michael and Beatrice l'Valdan. A distant cousin of the king and the neice of Baron Artos t'Acuto.

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Logs and Sundry

Cavalier Connections: Lillian was previously a squire of Sir Severus t'Juliano, High Cavalier and the Dowager Queen's current bodyguard. She is also the younger sister of High Cavalier Andrea l'Valdan. Lillian has strangely shown no interest in becoming a Blue Cavalier herself and there has been little pressure on her to change that.

Duelist: Lillian thoroughly enjoys one-on-one combat and has enjoyed some success in duel competitions, though she has yet to win a tournament event. She enjoys brawling, too, but to a lesser extent.

Skilled Knight: She was present in the Great Raid of 1865 and the Battle of Three Crowns. Spent notable time stationed in Avondil, fighting in Tirhold, and fighting with the Prince's troops.

Wanderlust: Now that she is a knight and there is peace, Lillian likes to travel on a whim to sometimes obscure locations which pique her interest. Should there be a rumor of something exciting nearby, she is likely to investigate, regardless if she has any business doing so.

Warrior Author: Writing is her secret past time - sometimes evidenced by the variety of books she keeps with her. She rarely shares what she writes with others, but a few have caught onto her talent.







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