(1866-03-21) Revelations
Summary: A requested audience with Sirrah is had by Emilia, with information being revealed by both. What Emilia has to speak of and is able to tell Sirrah surprises the older woman, but may yet prove to be helpful. And what information Sirrah has for Emilia, has only just begun to settle in. (OOC Warning: Emilia related spoilers! )
Date: 1866-03-21
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Cassomir Manse - Sunsreach
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Winter in Sunsreach is not so terrible a thing. The warmer climate this far south means little or no snow, and even frost is rare save at higher altitudes. All of this suits the Archbishop Sirrah Lancella quite well. She sits in the small library of the Cassomir Manse in Sunsreach, a warm cup of tea in her hands that she occasionally sips at thoughtfully. She is alone for the moment, though perhaps oddly, her presence was not announced to the Viscount or the oldest of his sisters (both of whom are actually out at the moment) but rather directly to their younger sister, Emilia. And so for now, with a mildly warm winter sun shining through the windows, Sirrah waits to see if young Emilia will appear.

It was likely the one truly pleasant thing about being in Sunsreach, the more pleasant weather. It welcomes spring more quickly then they would in Ironhold. The news of the Archbishop's arrival had surprised Emilia upon some level, not having expected the woman to be here, but then did anyone ever truly expect Sirrah? Much like the Inquisition or Emilia with that regard. It was a few sips further into the tea before that young woman appeared, it the sound of the door being opened more then the actual sound of her own footsteps that would announce her at first. The door closed behind her before a slight bow would be offered respectfully to the elder woman,"Good of day, Your of Excellency. I was not of figuring to be of seeing so of soon."

"Good day, Lady Emilia." Sirrah smiles in her grandmotherly way, gesturing towards the teapot nearby, "You know better than most how…irregular…my schedule may be at times. Will you sit and drink tea with me a while? It's really quite good. The leaves they grow here really are quite good." She moves to top off her cup with steady hands even if her movements are not exactly swift. "Have you been well, Emilia? I can well imagine these past months have been trying for you."

There is that little tug at the corners of Emilia's mouth,"Of true, it is much of irregular at of times." Lightly stepping to join Sirrah as Emilia gives a slight nod,"Of course, they are of having good of teas here. And it would be of pleasant to be of drinking of tea with you." Settling into a chair with that unearthly grace that tinged all her movement. "I have been mostly of well, of managine. But of aye, these of past of months have been of a bit of trying. Some of troubling, but then you are of knowing of this. There have been of…incidents, but of learning of things as of well." There is a mild press of her lips before she continues,"Things of perhaps of use to be made of known to you, if you are not already of knowing. Like, what this of means," her fingers moving to tap to that mark hidden away beneathe her tunic, just over her heart to indicate the this. Before she reaches to pour herself a cup of tea.

"I may have more knowledge now than I did before. Thanks to an incident your brother had some months ago." Sirrah frowns, "I owe you an apology. Your family an apology. I was looking at these matters all wrong. I assumed something was lost when instead you were…given something." She tilts his her head, "But tell me what you would have me know. It sounds as though it may be similar to my own research though…" She cants her head curiously, "Well…perhaps I will wonder as to where you came upon any such knowledge later…"

There is a mild cant to Emilia's head,"An of incident had by of Jaren?" There is a flicker of curiosity on the matter. And questions likely to come at some point. But for now, Emilia nods slightly,"I am of agreeing, that there is of not of something of missing, but of something of extra. Have taken to of calling it of beast in my head, in of truth. Is seeming of appropriate." There was a small sip of the tea taken before Emilia speaks on what is known. "I have learned of the mark being of the mark of the Blackened Wood Court, that this was of her…what is like of our Houses, when the Widow was being of flesh. She was of Sal'a'ahir. " There is a little breathe of a break as the information is imparted. "Have of learned that amongst of her kind, of the Bane of Sidhe, they were of having of singers called of Si'eh'ren…used to of turn of minds and of souls of men to of their purposes."

Sirrah looks very curious now, peering intently but not exactly suspiciously at Emilia. "Has this "beast" told you these things, Emilia? Or did they come to you in a dream? If this is all true…you speak of knowledge none alive that I know of possesses. These…titles of yours are foreign to me, yet they have the ring of the very, very few Sidhe words that I have seen or heard." She adds and nods, "But yes…something extra. A seed perhaps, to make you…something else. Her creature. Her child if you will. Your brother…Jaren…encountered one such creature a few months ago in Couviere. He does not know that it holds any connection to you…indirect though it may be. This only came to me after much research, when his tale sparked old memories in me…tales of creatures I'd never encountered told to me when I was a much younger woman."

There is a very small shake of Emilia's head,"Of no, was not of the beast of telling of me, or of coming in of dream. " Not that Emilia exactly offers up where she discovered this knowledge. "You have been of hearing of Sidhe of spoken of before?" Emilia does set the cup of tea down as she listens to this news about…creatures. There is a little press of her lips as her eyes go to the window. "She was of….making me into of something? r of trying to be?" Emilia knew well enough…Jaren had interrupted the Widow. In whatever she was doing. "Or is seed of yet…developing? Will I becoming of such a thing…become of her child?"

"Only a few words here and there. From some of our most cloistered scholars of such things. Very little of their language survives. Only enough to tell us that they had one." Sirrah answers easily enough, sipping from her tea and frowning a bit as Emilia explains that her guesses were incorrect in regards to where she's heard it. "Did she tell you these things?" Sirrah queries, still trying to wrap her mind around these revelations…not that it's terribly difficult for her. She just likes to carefully consider things. "And no, I do not believe so. Not unless you are making a habit of stepping into her prison and bringing victims along with." Her tone speaks of a belief that this is not a likely possibility.

There is a mild pause as Emilia considers something. Before blinking a little at Sirrah's next query,"Of no, but I am not of thinking she is pleased I am of knowing. She..and of beast, would much be preffering I were of killing…the one who was of telling of me. " Emilia gives Sirrah a faint look,"Of no, is not of habbit of stepping into of, certainly not of taking any of with. Though I do of visit of her. Quietens of beast to be of there. " There is a mild study of Sirrah before Emilia asks,"Is that why you have not been of killing of me of yet? For it not being of likely that…I will be of coming more of like this thing Jaren of saw, of like of Hers?" Emilia knew enough to know how such things were wiped out without question, why her sister did not wish 'the source' to be really be spoken about to Sirrah.

Sirrah looks genuinely pained for a moment, "I will not claim that I do not have the blood of those who were corrupted through no fault of their own upon my hands, child. But I did not kill you because I believed you were not a threat, and because I knew you had a family that would watch over you. Now that I am more aware, yes…the knowledge reinforces my belief." She pauses, "Oh listen to me. No, the truth is that I did not kill you because I have grown quite fond of your family. And did not wish to see pain visited upon pain. And if you wish a colder truth, also because I knew if that course were taken, then your brother would never have joined the Vigil." She sighs, "I do not regret my decisions on this matter. But…" She sips her tea, looking intently at Emilia again, "I may have to insist on knowing where you have learned all of this, because if true, any with such knowledge could be invaluable to us."

Sirrah is most certainly watched with the question asked, Emilia's gaze having drawn back from the window to that end. "Even in of discovering of no, of truth of something left not of taken, you do not of regret of the decision?" There does not seem any surprise it was considered so coldly. There is a few moments of thought before Emilia addresses this matter of insitence,"I have been of asked to not be speaking to you about the of source, there is of worry by mine-sister that in doing of so would invite of harm upon of them. I am not of entirely of certain upon of this, after of all, you have not of killed of me for having of banshee bits in of my head. " There is a small breathe,"But of aye, could be of more of help to of you. Is being of help to me, helping with of beast in of head..or of trying. But when spoke of those of singers, spoke of well as of how…cures were of attempted, some of successful…some not so much. Though was not knowing of such of things of directly to offer of more. " Her eyes drift back to the windows a moment before back to Sirrah,"I will speak of the where, if you can be of promising of never seeking to cause of harm to of them? Or of sharing of information with of those who of might do of such? " There is a slight pause before she adds,"They believe as of you, that there is not of need to be of killing me, and of help because they are not of wishing to see of further of pain being of visited upon my of family. "

Sirrah sips her tea onc eomre, frowning as she considers quite carefully. "So Lady Raelyn, at least, knows of this "help?"" The word is not spoken with disdain, but a certain emphasis. "If the Lady Raelyn does not believe it is a threat to you…as protective as she is, then I can only assume that it is not." She sighs, "Very well. I will do no harm to this…whoever it is. Nor provide the information to those that would." She pauses, "Does Jaren know? I would not wish to inadvertently share with him that which is being withheld."

Emilia nods a little,"Of aye, she was of who…arranged for of meeting to see if there was being of help for of me." A brief hesitation before she does admit,"Jaren is of knowing as of well, least of about, has not met of…the help. But agreed to of respect of mine-sister's of wish in of not of speaking to of you about of him." The first hint to that source noted. But there is a nod when Sirrah gives her word upon the matter. "It is one who was of knowing the Widow when she was of flesh that is of helping of me, who was who I learned of what I have been of telling of you. His name is of Lon, and," there is hesitation before she notes faintly,"he is of being of a changling."

Sirrah looks suitably surprised at the revelation, which may be somewhat gratifying, as her mien is not one accustomed to such expressions. "A…changeling, you say? Who…" She sips her tea, frowning not in distaste or worry, but in thought, "To have known a Bane Sidhe…" She sets the cup down, "I know that Changelings can live a longer life than humans, but…he would have to be….at the very least of the Age of Myth. Thousands of years old…I cannot…" She shakes her head slightly, "I suppose I should not be surprised, there are supposedly other things that live so long but…" She looks to Emilia once more, "There was trouble with Changelings here not so terribly long ago…in fact when your sister was inducted into the Order. I…assume this is how she came across him?"

If Sirrah had not been surprised, least a little, Emilia would have been surprised in turn. There is some hint of relief that Sirrha seems more surprised, curious even..verses a change of heart about not harming the 'source'. "He was more than of knowing…he injured of her of then, killed of her Sal'alla'haan. FOught of the Bane Sidhe in of then. She…actually looked of afraid to see of him. Mine-brother does urge caution for me, since Lon is not to be of thinking like..well of us. But given of reaction to of him by of Widow, of beast in of me, have not had of reason to of doubt information he has of shared. " The whole, they want Emilia to kill him part. Emilia gives a slight nod,"Of aye, there was of such trouble. It was of his son causing of such, and whom Raelyn and other of Huntresses were of killing. Lon saw to patching them of up of after. Understood the need for it. "

"I…see." Sirrah looks a bit disturbed. Not in the fearful way, but in the "this is new information that I'm not sure how to feel about" way. "I had known Changelings were intelligent, but…most of our encounters with them had not allowed for…conversation." She rubs at the bridge of her nose a bit, "How much have we lost? Or passed over in our-…" She sighs, "No sense worrying over what cannot be changed, I suppose." She leans forward a bit in her chair, "Were I the younger and angrier woman I once was, I would likely have not been able to give my word. But time heals many wounds." She finishes the cup of tea and sets it aside for now, moving from her chair and reaching to take Emilia's hands in hers, if permitted. Her grip is firm, but not at all painfully so, "Perhaps he will be able to help us, then. Because I believe it is easier to remove something given than to seek something stolen. Would you not agree?" She smiles just a bit at that.

Emilia cants her head a little,"When he and I are of talking and of meeting, he is looking like of old, grumpy of man. Not like of beast…But that is of why Raelyn did not of try to end of him as of well," which likely would have gone poorly for the humans had they tried that path,"for of seeing conversation and of intelligence. She was of worried this would be of over of looked, and why she was saying you should not be of told." The faith her sister has in Sirrah! "I think he would appreciate that you have learned of such, is why he does not hold grudge for mine-sister killing his son, or other Silver Swords having killed of his family over of time. " A mild beat before she explains,"Is what he calls of those of the order, Silver of Swords." It is permitted, Emilia's hands ending up taken by Sirrah's. "Of aye, I would of agree. Though They might not be so of agreeing."

"Then we will not give them any choice." Sirrah replies simply. "I did not know Changelings were capable of such…self control. All I have encountered have been…violent. Predatory. Admittedly only a bit over a handful of them over the years, but nevertheless. Is this…Lon…normal for his kind?" She gives Emilia's hands a bit of a squeeze, then releases them. "Silver swords…Heh. He -is- old, isn't he?" She considers, and laughs a bit, "I suppose I cannot fault your sister's caution. We do not have many peaceful encounters with the things we guard against in our records. At least that I know of." She moves to sit back down, "I suppose I should try speaking with this Lon myself. If he will permit it."

"Of aye, is of possible…Though am of understanding some of suffer of moon of madness, is usually during such of a suffering that those encounters have been of had. He said there is of times he has not of control so much of…form, but is of always in of control. Just cannot be of speaking to be of explaining of that…causes mis of understandings." Emilia hesitates to anwer the next,"I am not of sure? I think of once, perhaps…but not of sure how many of his of kind are of yet about. Was not of thing we have been of discussing. " There is a mild return squeeze from Emilia's hands. A mild flicker of what might be a smile when Lon is declared old. "He may of permit of it, before knowing of mine-sisters wish I had mentioned of you to him." She might actually look sheepish a moment. "Warned of him, about you liking to ask of questions. He did not seem of…adverse…to be of meeting."

"Well, I suppose he simply may not be bothered by much of anything. Such history. The things he must have seen…" There's a touch of wonderment, before Sirrah shakes his head, "But I cannot let my curiosity get the better of me too much. There is a task that must be fulfilled…everything else can come…later." Sirrah smiles, "I do like my questions, don't I?" She chuckles, "But I suppose I will ask none further for this particular evening. I should likely retire before long. Though I suppose it is good to know I am not the oldest thing walking Creation despite how I may feel on most days…"

"Likely of so, in not being of bothered by of much. " Emilia can only nod in agreement, her poor mind has only grasped a little of what he might have seen…nevermind what Sirrha is capable of considering. "Of aye, you are much of liking your of questions. And of indeed, you are of not, far of from it. Be of sides, you are not of that of old. Can of understand of how it can feel of being of so." For all she had endured in her few years, Emilia certianly felt older then those years. "But I shall of let you of finish of your tea, and get of some of rest. "

"Thank you, Emilia. I will speak with you again before I depart, I would imagine." She rises to her feet, the tea already finished off, "Be well, and may the One God watch over you." She smiles, "Though I have little doubt he has been, in his own way." It may be a statement that Emilia would be most skeptical of, but it would seem Sirrah's looking at it from the perspective of "things could be a lot worse!" Either way, she nods to Emilia, and moves off towards the guest quarters, met outside by one of the attendants/assistants that are rarely far from her. Not close enough to have overheard, but close enough a shout could bring them if needed.

"Of aye, I would be of imagining of so," abeat, and deadpan tease,"you are likely to be of thinking up more of questions. " Emilia inclines her head,"I am of sure he has of been, in his own of way." Even if yes, Emilia has her doubts somedays. Many days. "Rest of well and may the One Watch over you." In time departing not for her quarters, but that bit of land back behind the manse. Best place to be left alone with her thoughts.

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