(1866-05-20) A Brief Visit
A Brief Visit
Summary: Before Emilia meets up with the Rose Queen's party to make for the coronation in the north, she makes a quick stop to let Lon know she will be away for a time and to impart a bit of information she had learned since they had last spoken.
Date: 1866-05-20
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Ironhold County - Rivana
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The party traveling from Ironhold was not as quick as it could be with the added trunks needed to take the finery required for coronation and other courtly functions that would need to be attended by Emilia and the other Cassomirs, Emilia having seen to the needs for her siblings already up north and likely a few of those who had gone with them. But the slower pace did also allow for a few Huntresses to break off for hunting and Emilia herself to slip off, for even if she could not see to a lesson properly, she could least see to leaving a message that she would be away….again, or perhaps a few words if Lon were actually about. Though in truth, Emilia did not know how much time he spent at the inn itself or away from it. There was a minor quirk at the corner of her lips, no doubt, he probably still found her mannered politeness to inform him of her goings that caused delays to plan lessons quaint in some mortal way. The dark haired young woman, dressed in the huntress fashion, shaking her head a touch as she slipped into the inn.

Her dark eyes scanned the inner common room. No doubt, if the Changeling was about, he'd have the upper hand..or more likely nose perhaps. Not that she expected to find him there, but instinct had her looking before she began moving with that odd turn of grace that came naturally to her.

Unsurprisingly, Lon is rarely found in the common room, though if one were keeping an eye or ear out for such things he does spend just enough time there as to not seem completely antisocial. Some of the other local woodsmen and rangers and even a couple of Huntresses have been impressed with the old man's wisdom and sage advice, even if he's taciturn and gruff about providing it. She'll find him upstairs in his room, and she'll likely hear his presence before anything else, as he's currently in the process of sharpening the handful of hunting knives he keeps, though he looks to be nearly done with his task, sliding the last one's edge against a lightly oiled whetstone, looking reasonably focused on his task.

"Wasn't expecting to see you." He notes, his back still to the door, though his tone doesn't seem at all upset by the intrusion. "Looks like you have business elsewhere." Merely a statement of fact, not of sullen acknowledgment…after all, the trip could be months for Emilia and it would still feel like little time at all to the ancient Changeling. "Good news from the north?" Spending time in that common room does give a bit of insight into the happenings of the world, at least.

Not seeing him amongst the common area, Emilia had continued up to his room. There was still a light knock upon his door, even if with the sharpening of the knives in progress, Lon was likely one of the few that could yet hear Emilia coming. Simply standing there a moment or three, watching him work with the knives. "Had been of hoping to schedule of lesson, not be of passing of by." Some confirmation of his statement. Emilia gives a faint nod, even if his back remains towards the door,"Of aye, least of mostly. The attacking of forces are of beaten, but they will be of crowning a new of king. Mine-brother bids me to come to give of witness to it. " There is a faint quirk at the corners of her lips,"Even if would go of unnoticed, mine-absence, thought to be of polite and let of know. Plus there are of some things to be of telling, have of learned, might be of interest. "

Lon rises to turn the chair about, setting the knife and whetstone aside and pointing his attention towards Emilia. The fact that her absence may go unnoticed is not commented upon, for it is fact. She'd likely have to be gone a year or more before he really took notice. Though sometimes his grasp of human time manages to be better than others, so who's to say? He gestures for Emilia to close the door behind him. She may notice that upon the small table he's working at, rests the painted picture she gifted him with some time ago…only now in a rather nicely-crafted frame.

"Ah…new king. Important for you humans, your Kings." He chuckles a touch, "Though I suppose the next one in this Kingdom is especially so for you." He tilts ihs head curiously, "What have you learned?"

The door does get closed along as he indicates for her to do so, Emilia stepping in further after having seen to the task. There is a faint pause when she takes notice of the painted picture, canting her head as she takes in the frame that holds it now. Her eyes casting a look to him before back to the piece. Some hint of surprise, curiosity there perhaps.

"Were not of leaders being of important amongst of Sidhe? Your of own leaders to of you?" inquires Emilia. There is a faint shrug from Emilia,"HE is of being my brother, I will see of him of less for it." The question though does have her drawing breathe has she gathers the thoughts. "I was of speaking with the Archbishop of Sirrah, of which…she would like to be of meeting, if you are of agreeable to of this. But from of her have learned that Widow was trying to be of turning me into of something. For Sirrah was being of reminded of tales of heard of before of such of creatures, though has not of seen of such before of self. Though guess mine-brother fought of such up north of last year. She was of saying, what is within of me is like of seed planted…meant to of changed, to make me of Her child." Emilia's eyes drift away as she adds softly,"She called me daugther….when I went of last."

Lon nods, "There were leaders, aye. But it was…less rigid than you humans. The Sidhe were ever-changing. Always in motion." He listens to Emilia's words, then frowns, "This is a new thing. I do not know it." He considers a few moments, "Well, perhaps I do. Somewhat. It is, I suppose, not altogether different from how Sidhe bred."

He looks up towards Emilia, "Sidhe could couple with each other…or anything else, really, freely. But to create a Sidhe child required the expenditure of their power…some of the spark of creation that lay with in them that had to be fanned to a flame. But they did not have to carry children in the manner of most beasts, or you humans, though they could when they chose. If they wished, they could create eggs as the birds. Others would carve their children from young wood and breath life into them. And the Bane Sidhe…they would impart themselves upon human babes and force them to become something other than that which they were born as."

"We do like of being rigid, systems of rules and of honor and duty," how easy and deadpan Emilia says that. But it is fact and truth, after all duty is what defines much of Emilia's own life. There is a faint nod when he says this is new to him.

When he continues to speak though, saying perhaps it is not, Emilia's dark eyes drawn back and look to him. Her head canting slightly as she listened to this new turn of information. There is a small breathe before she speaks,"It is of seeming…this is what she was of trying to be of doing to of me yet, what was of…stopped." A pause. "Perhaps of explains why I am of having scent of her to me. "

"Yes." Lon says simply rubbing at his beard in thought, "I had never heard of one that was…incomplete, though this is different, as well. She is not as she once was. What she has is not life. Nor death. Something…in-between. Much like the creatures they created in the ancient days." He frowns, "Your scent is of the living, though…even the parts of it that smell of Sidhe." He "hrms" softly, before adding, "I do not know what that means. Not yet."

"There was of…implication, of way to make of complete," notes Emilia,"when speaking with the Sirrah. Not of interested in seeing to of that. Did not get impression creature was pleasant, though do have wish to speak yet to mine-brother about of it." Maybe. A small nod occurs. There is a faint tug to the occurs of her mouth. "It seems of oft, you are not of expecting of me, or knowing what to exactly to be of making of me. " Though if anyone would have had a chance, it would have been such an ancient being as he. "I should not be of lingering of long, was of wishing to of impart of such. Though would of wish to see to of lesson upon of return, mine-beast has not allowed of much sleep since of our last of meeting."

"Hm…yes. When you return. But there is work you can do upon our trip. The Rose Queen will be with you? The one who makes your scent angry when you speak of her?" Lon tilts his head, no sense of mischief present, just an honest question. "Remember your Beast is as much of you as of the Widow. I know well such things are difficult…to surrender emotion long-held. I do not say you can abandon it in a short journey. But you can, perhaps, find the first steps of the path."

There is a slight hesitation before Emilia answers,"Of aye, I am of biden to meet of with and travel with of her." A simple nod answers the later question, making no attempt to deny it. There was a small breathe. "I will….of try…Have been of. It is not of easy." There is a small pause, something being considered before Emilia adds,"You should of know as of well….once before you of asked, if I had ever of before called upon my Beast and allowed of it out of willingly, I had of answered no of then….that answer has of changed. " It does not seem a thing she is exactly happy about admitting.

"Hm?" Lon frowns a bit, "Were you endangered?" He seems troubled more by that question than the admission, which may or may not be comforting to Emilia. He actually mutters something in Sidhe under his breath, before noting, "I would travel with you more frequently if I could, but…they would not understand."

The question and reaction does have Emilia giving Lon a faint look before she does give a slight nod, admitting softly,"Of aye….I was." There is a pause before she continues. "It was of the one called the Grey Prince, Victor…He wanted…he…" Her hands move in a faint motion before she just murmurs,"things, I was of not being of agreeable of about. Was only way of escape…of surviving."

"Many creates become beasts when cornered." Lon makes a dismissive gesture, "You are not so different in that way. Just…more dangerous than most when it occurs." He smiles faintly, "I am glad you are well. This Grey Prince is dead?"

"Of aye, he was of becoming of dead not of long after…disagreement…with of me. Mine-brother was seeing to of that, as the Grey Prince was behind much of the troubles of past of year. " Emilia gives a faint smile,"Am glad to be of alright as of well. Though should of perhaps be of on of way."

"Yes. Should not keep your people waiting." Lon rises to his feet, moving over and wrapping Emilia in a brief, warm embrace, "Be well, Emilia Cassomir. I will see you again soon, and we will continue the lessons." He releases her, and smiles, "Safe journey to you. Give regards to your family." He pauses, "That is correct? I spend more time remembering the behaviors of kingdoms long dead than those still living. Perhaps I should work harder on this…"

The warm embrace is returned by Emilia in that brief moment. "Of aye, will be of seeing of again soon." Even if it will seem fair longer for her. A faint tugging occurring at the corners of her lips as she gives a nod,"That is being of correct. Could perhaps be of giving of such lesson in turn, if wished." Some mild amusement perhaps on her part. "Be of well, Lon, until of seeing again." Before she turns and makes her departure.

Though Emilia does not quite make it fully to the door, before she hesitates and turns back around. A step taken back towards him before she stops. A small breathe as her dark eyes find his blue-grey ones,"If you are yet of agreeable to of it….I would like to be spending not of lesson time with of you when I am of returned, of well."

Lon does tilt a curious brow, when Emilia turns about, but it lowers when she makes her wishes known. He does not look mischievous or smug, though while the tone of his voice is that same matter-of-fact that he often bears, there is a brief flash of an entirely wolfish grin, "Yes, there will be time for that as well. But lessons are important. There is value in distraction at times, but there must be balance."

There is a little hint of something that might be relief, perhaps some worry on the matter had that is eased. Though most would likely miss it upon the generally stoic expression of Emilia. There is a slight nod,"Of aye, lessons are of much important. Am not of asking time to be of taken from of them. But of time of separate from of them to be of added. And am believing, it was you who were once of telling I focus to much upon of duty, and such is of used of against of me. "

"Hmm, I did say that, didn't I?" Lon rubs at his big bushy beard, smirking a bit beneath it, "And now it is turned against me. Clever." From the tone, he doesn't really consider it much of an "attack" but quite a merry jest, "I suppose I can't argue against it now."

"Of aye, you of were. I do of give of attention to of mine-lessons." Emilia giving a solemn little nod. "Just of putting of effort into of what is of learned of them as of well. Less of duty, finding of balance is of important. " A little smile actually coming,"Of aye, you cannot of argue of against it now." She takes the few steps back to him and leans up and gives a quick, soft little kiss, yes, bushy beard and all. "I will be of seeing when I am returned."

Lon doesn't flee away from the brief kiss, looking a bit amused once it breaks, perhaps because he's still wearing his "Elder" form. "You will." He affirms as to seeing him when she returns. "Until then." He inclines his head to her briefly, still smiling, then moves to sit back down at the desk and finish sharpening his knives, it seems.

And yet, that hadn't stopped her from it, that he was wearing his 'Elder' form. Though there might be a hint of a blush forming for the boldness of it, least for a mortal. But there is a soft smile there on Emilia's lips afterwards. "Until of then," giving a gentle incline of her head, before Emilia does move to withdraw again. A look back when she reaches the door. A smile flickering again, but this time she does actually depart and seek to rejoin her party for that trip to the north.

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