(1866-05-27) Between Gates
Between Gates
Summary: While between fategates and recovering from gatesickness, Cassomir cousins, Emilia and Graham, take some time to visit and discuss the reason for their travel, the Coronation of Jean-Paul and other things pertaining to that.
Date: 1866-05-27
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Some where in Couviere
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The group from Ironhold had met up from the Royal party from Sunsreach to head for the Coronation of Jean-Paul, the first of the faegates that the party needed to travel through had been passed and the party was as a whole taking the days to recover from the passage before continuing on to the next gate needed to continue the journey. It was a day since the gate had been passed through, some were perhaps curious about the events to come, it was not often that a King was crowned, let alone the chance to witness it, and there was a great tournament to go with it. Some were eager to compete. Some simply were trying to deal with the sickness from gate travel and bemoaning that they had another gate yet to go through. Even if not very loudly on that part, given they were traveling with Royalty. Granted, for her part, Emila was settle outside the simple accommodations that had been afforded to her for this recovery time. Looking a touch pale, as to be expected. A small platter of bread and cheese near as was taken in, the area an open and common area to other rooms given over to others recovering from their gate travel.

Graham looks sickly pale himself he's even removed his armor for the tiem being though once his strength has returned enough he's off to do his fretting. The knight finds his cousin sitting and looks her over a shiver from the gatesickness takes him and he holds back the wince. "How are you holding up?" he asks concerned managing a weak smile over to her all the same as he makes it through the small common space to where she rests.

Dark eyes shift over to take in Graham as he moves over to join her in the common area, looking about as well as any of the group. "I am of managing. Never of fun, but is of quicker of way of going, of aye?" It would otherwise take them months, rather then the week, week and a half it would. Emilia looks over her pale and yet still fretting cousin,"What of you? Have you managed to be of eating of anything?" A hand lightly nudging the plate and offering it his way. "They fuss over such of things, oft. "

He will nod to her "It is indeed, will allow us to be there at all. We'll have time to recover too." Graham looks to the food as it's pushed over towards him. "I'm alright, as can be anyways." he will try some of the bread "I've not eaten though well not till now anyways." he moves to sit down he grins over to his cousin. "So what's plan for the coronation we laying low or running interference for each other?" he manages one of his proper smiles.

"Of aye, and Jaren was of requesting, will be of good to of see him and of Raelyn of again." Emilia did fret over them, since they had long been gone to aid the North with the barbarian 'issues' that resulted in the need for the crowning of a new King. She did want to set eyes upon them. "You should of eat, especially before next of gate. Need of energy and of strength. Just like you would be of telling of me. " A little tug coming to the corners of Emilia's lips. On the matter of the coronation itself, a little sigh slips,"I am of hoping to of just of lay of low. But I am of fearing, since I was of bidden to of travel with of Queen, that I am not to be of allowed of that. So may be of need for of inerference to be of run, I am of thinking. Though least you have of Cathrynn of now to use for such of interference. "

Graham takes a few more small bites just testing the waters. He doesn't like the weakness the feelings of gate travel give, it makes him worry that he wont be able to defend should something happen which is being one of his bigger concerns. "I would be telling you much the same, I want you to feel better as soon as possible." He nods about the coronation "Well i'll stick by as much as i'm able or you wish me to cousin." he says simply though his face grows thoughtful. "Cathrynn, i'm afraid I didnt do my homework before this trip.. will they treat her well?" he wonders.

It was a side effect of the gatetravel, but the Vigilants over the gates did well to keep watch over travels as they recovered. Not that is would help those who would fret either or about things. Emilia does draw up a bit of bread and nibble at it, some token turn of showing she has been eating and is making effort herself. "I am of feeling of better, least of as much as can be of expected. Of promise." A nod comes,"Should of enjoy of time with of her." There is some consideration, Emilia knew some of the Sourthern Courts, well more than some, but the Northern…well, she could guess,"I am of thinking, there is likely to be enough of politicing between of Houses with so much of North and of South meeting, which has not been of occuring for of awhile, with so much of disruptions," their Thorn issues, the North with their issues," think they will be of polite of enough, especially since she is of Huntress, but there will still be mild looking down. More of subtle by of most. Some perhaps not of so, such is always to be expected."

The knight looks over and smiles "Thanks Emilia." Graham says about her eating even if its just a bit for show so he wont go into full fretdown. He looks about the camp before back "I will spend time with her of course, dont wont her to feel like she's an outsider or anything." He goes silent looking over and listening as she speaks he takes a breath "Of course, though she is strong stuff, dont think she'll wilt under any gaze. The Lily Knight will be more concerned i've no doubt."

There is a faint look at Graham before Emilia looks about the common area, doubting Cathrynn will be the one who is the outsider in the end. "She is of course not of outsider. And of agree, doubt she would of wilt. Granted, will be of interesting in of ways, since will be of Wraiths." This gives Emilia some pause,"Wonder of how of Raelyn is of dealing with of this, for of imagine some of perhaps about of already. Least shall be of interesting to be of seeing of so many and of the interacting of between. Perhaps can be finding of some token that is of to of Cathrynn's liking when of there?" There would be new markets to explore, right?

Graham hasn't considered some of this it seems. "I must be narrow sighted of late, i'd not thought about the different groups so much meeting. It will be interesting to be certain. I do hope that all is for once as it seems though we both know how well that goes." He chuckles before stopping himself as its not good. "The markets will be good and perhaps some goods purchased we normally cannot find. If I know Cathrynn she will want to see the woods though."

"Am of tinking she may be finding that somewhat of lacking," notes Emilia with a slight cant to her head. "It is much more of port of city where of going, and more being of hills, mountains. Less of like of home. Imagine there of some of trees of yet, but far form of like of home. Suppose much like of going to Sunsreach." Not likely high on Cathrynn's favorite places to go, big busy capital that it is. "Though should be of getting more of rest, as should of you. And you should try ot eat of more, if that was of agreeing with you. Take of with." Emilia nudging the plate at her cousin before she moves to get up. Leaning to drop a quick kiss to his temple before making to retire along to her quarters.

He chuckles a little "Well sometimes we must learn about new cultures too." Graham says with a grin about the place not being like home. The knight is fairly excited about the whole thing actually "Agreed rest well and thanks for the food." he smiless to the kiss and grips her shoulder lightly. "See you soon Emilia, rest well." he comments before he too will move back to his given place of rest to wait off the gate sickness.

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