(1866-06-03) Tournament Talk
Tournament Talk
Summary: Graham, Emilia and Cathrynn talk about the trip and the tournament
Date: June 03, 1866
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Aveyron Palace
June 03, 1866

Its a nice day, and as the days change even those who recently arrived are recovered and can begin enjoying the visit without the effects of the faegates weighing them down. The palace is a big place and with so many gathered is hard to know who one will meet with day to day. The open air, area outside where the Cassomirs have been given as guest accomidations is fairly popular for those not wishing to just sit inside idly. It seems a few have decided just that for now Graham stands outside looking up and around a bit stretching since feeling better he's gotta loosen back up and all if he's to compete.

One of those people who hates being inside overlong, Cathrynn. She looks over at Graham, "Anxious for the tournament?" she asks him. She looks around, people-watching while she talks with the Cassomir Lord.

"And will some lady give you a favor I wonder?" she asks, giving him curious smile.

Another who was about, Emilia. Likely seeking a touch of fresh air as much as she was liking avoiding any courtly sort of interactions. And blissfully back in her normaly tunic and leggings. Though the quiet young woman seemed content to perch in a corner, a faint incline of her head having been offered to Cathryn and Graham.

Graham looks back and smiles to Cathrynn "A little bit, its been a while since I competed infront of a crowd let alone a combined crowd." He shakes his head smirking "Not unless your offering me a favor Cat." He looks back as another he spots smiling "Hello Cousin, you look a quite a bit more comfortable." he teases lightly a grin spreading to his face at this.

Cathrynn grins some at Graham then she catches sight of Emilia and inclines her head. Her words, however, are for the man at her side, "I might consider it if asked," she says then smiles at the other Huntress. "Lady Emilia, good afternoon," she says in greeting.

There is a nod towards Graham,"Am of being more of comfortable," Emilia notes quite simply to the tease. Agentle,"Good of afternoon, Huntress Cathrynn," being offered along towards Cathrynn. Though The young woman does not creep closer to intrude upon their conversation, giving them some turn of privacy.

The young man smiles "I'm not sure that its proper for me to ask that of you." Graham says over to the huntress though he's still speaking lightly "Though I will ask if you will come watch, and in turn I

will watch if you join the archery?" He looks over to Emila "Feel free to join us Emilia we're just enjoying the outside a little."

Cathrynn gives Graham a sort of wry half-smile, then she nods, "Might as well watch," she says of the contests. She nods over to Emilia, "Oh please do yes, quite welcome to join us," she says and clasps her hands before her rocking on her feet a little.

Emilia gives a small glance back towards the pair, a small brow rising,"Are you of sure? WOuld not wish to of intrude…know with all of travel," and lovely gatesickness," have not been of much opening for of time to be of spending of together. "

Though just as Emilia says that a messenger appears with a summons for her. Drawing a mild sigh,"Be of excusing." Giving an incline of her head before slipping away.

Graham looks back to Cathrynn a thoughtful look as if remembering at old teachings or something as he looks to Cathrynn after a moment. "Actually, thinking back. It is not inappropriate at all given we are bound as we are. If you would be so kind Cathrynn may I wear a token into the games?" he asks of her rather officaly its nothing to play around with afterall.

Cathrynn tilts her head at Graham and her eyes narrow just slightly, "I do not know, my Lord, I will consider it," she says. She might be playing, she might not, her expression gives away little, as is her way. "Will you compete in all the contests?" she asks him.

The young man looks over to her and nods though he's hoping that she will do so despite his lapse in memory. The next queestion gets some thought but a shake of his head "I do not belive so, likely only one joust and a melee, fisticuffs and archery are not my strong suit i'll freely admit." He smiles though nothing is wrong with either sport just not a good idea to enter when you'll be beaten badly.

Cathrynn nods, "Well you might as well only do the ones you consider your best.. it is a contest after all," she says. "So how have you enjoyed yourself here so far?" she asks him.

Graham nods in agreement with her "True enough, i've not come to make a fool of myself. Well more so then I typicaly do day to day afterall." He smiles he's noticed his cousins quick getaway but this is rather common so not too troubling this time. "So far it has been pleasent, there are many gathered from all over some i've not met others rarely. Have you enjoyed yourself?"

The Huntress grins, "I should hope not.." she says of his performance in the lists. She glances after Emilia then looks back to Graham, "As much as I do anywhere people are gathered up to rub elbows," she answers.

He shakes his head "Certainly I do, a great number if not all my family is here including yourself. I'd never hear the end of it if I fell off my horse before meeting my opponant or something." Graham says shaking his head. He looks sadly a moment knowing she doesnt enjoy cities like this. "I admit I knew you wouldnt be as happy when I learned there wasnt as much open land around here as we're used to. We'll find somewhere though."

She nods about the family and looks around, as if there's Cassomirs everywhere. "I sincerely doubt you'd fall off your horse," she says with a grin then Cathrynn smiles a little. "It's fine, Graham, I'll survive, might as well get used to it, my duty will take me to similar situations over the years."

Graham chuckles as she seems to expect Cassomirs to come crawling out of the woodworks. Emilia, Raelyn, Jaren are here with others i'm sure." He comments in explination though he sighs "I know love, but I just want you to be comfortable as possible you know that."

He will move over closer to the huntress reaching out if she'll allow to take one of her hands in both of his. "It may take time, Cathrynn but I hope that it will as well I want you to be comfortable and happy, though I know there are struggles of course." He sighs knowing some things this time he cannot fix though he will answer the question. "I saw Princess Clara Tracano. She's friends with my cousin Emilia. I've not really been around much otherwise."

Cat slips her hands into his and then nods some, "I'll be fine.." she assures him. "Oh? The Princess, well done," she says. "And were you charming enough to make a good impression?" she asks him with a grin.

Graham nods to her leaning he'll kiss her quickly a soft kiss. He looks back to meet her gaze at the next though and smiles. "Not hardly, she barely remembered my name." He says with a shrug "I had been talking with Raelyn anyways about the tournament and who's going to enter what and the like."

Cat returns his kiss and pats his cheek fondly, "Well not being remembered might not be a horrible thing.. you can walk the fine line between being known and unknown.. mysterious.." she says teasingly.

"Hm, yeah that's not one things that's been applied to me before." Graham chuckles "Unless it was the mystrery of wondering why that odd Lord Knight is wearing a Lilly on his person or carrying it on his shield." He says with some mirth "Next time there is a meeting will you accompany me?"

Cathrynn hrms, "You could be.." she starts then she laughs softly and shakes her head, "Well, that is strange to some, likely," she says. She nods, "I will, if you wish it, I kinda signed a contract," she says teasingly. She did after, all, agree to be a consort.

Graham nods to her words "Hm, likely so but oh well it is my symbol and so I will wear it with pride." He squeezes her hand that he holds onto gently. The noble looks over to her as she speaks of the contract she signed but his smile is soft. "It wasnt an order Cathrynn just a request." he grins looking back towards the palace before back to her.

Cat smiles, "I know you will," she says and then rubs her thumb over his hand. "I know, I just have to get myself over it and making dumb jokes about it might help," she says with a soft smile. "I will go with you Graham, and happy to do so.l"

He smiles sighing happily as she rubs her thumb over his hand. Graham listens to her when she speaks about getting used to the contract "Of course well then jokes it is." he grins a bit leaning in to kiss her gently once more. "Usualy my cousin's are there, they are accepting of you so if nothing else stick by me or them, if you dont feel like mingling of course."

Cat smiles and nods her head then kisses him back softly, "I know, your family is proper and kind," she says. "I will mingle and force them to look down their noses.. and be gracious and all smiles," she says with a hint of defiance in her tone.

Graham laughs openly though he nods "I'd expect nothing less of you Cat." The Lord comments lightly though he wonders about the next group meeting in the palace. He wonders how many exactly will compete as well int he tournaments and worries that any nobles will be rude to Cat so a lot on his mind. "Raelyn will be excited to see you she asked about you."

The Huntress smiles and is probably thinking about the same things. How she'll react, who will say what. "Oh I'll be happy to see her too, I'm a little surprised she asked but pleased. I do not really look forward to the archery contest.. I never do well in those."

"I dont belive your required to compete. I simply thought you might enjoy it given you are quite skilled with a bow." Graham comments he chuckles "My family sister and cousins are glad i'm happy, add that you are one of her best hunteress's and it doesnt hurt at all."

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