(1866-06-04) A Slight Reprieve
A Slight Reprieve
Summary: A touched and a freckled Cassomir engage in an archery match for training purposes, whilst speaking of the impending tournament.
Date: 04-08/06/2015 (Date of RP)
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Practice Yard - Rovilon - Couviere
In the scene
Juin 4th, 1866

It had been several days since the first courtly session had been called by Crown-Prince Jean-Paul, soon to be King, an announcement having been made about a certain Cardinal that had a hand in orchestrating the many 'troubles' in the Kingdoms, even if not everyone was aware of his part in it. Though by now everyone had time as well to recover from the gatesickness from travel through the faegates. While many were preparing to explore the city or perhaps see to some other social venture in this foreign city, at this early hour, that was not the case with Emilia. And likely not surprising to those who knew here.

The youngest of the mainline Cassomir had slipped from the suite given to them and was found now in the practice yard with a bow in hand. One of her huntresses was keeping watch over her as practice was had, or more likely escape in the guise of practice. Though there was an archery contest amongst the tournament events in the weeks ahead. There was a mild sigh that sounded upon the breathe that came out after the arrow was let loose, Emilia barely giving attention to its path as she spoke to the near huntress,"Am not supposing I could get of away staying of here all of day?"

Early mornings were the best time actually for archery practice, or so yet another Huntress thought. Attired in leathers, in contrast to what she would be required to wear at those official occasions, this one was of similar age as Emilia - and a cousin, in fact. Lady Adrienne, of a minor branch of the House ruling over the County of Ironhold certainly prefers the more practical attire to those horrid dresses her station would now and then require her to wear. And in fact, her features are not exactly that of a refined adorable lady that would be easy to marry off, there may be a bit too many freckles covering her nose and cheeks, the dimple in her chin, that rather large looking mouth. She looked best indeed when outside, in the woods, when her cheeks were flushed from the fresh air and sun. And rather misplaced at times, in a ballroom.

Feet are moving at a confident stride, when Adrienne approaches the training yard on this morn, carrying her bow and a quiver of arrows. Her steps will slow a tad when she spots Emilia, her mien turning a bit thoughtful as she considers her cousin for a moment. Content perhaps to watch her at first, a slightly scrutinizing glance spared for the next arrow the touched Cassomir lets loose. The corners of her lips twitching upwards in an approving smirk as she sees it hits somewhere near the bull’s eye. Dark brown hair that is tied into a ponytail at the back of her head is blown about by a slight Juin breeze, when Adrienne closes the distance between them, finally.

“Good morning, Emilia” she offers in a friendly tone, even though her green eyes study her cousin in a slightly assessing manner. “Training for the Archery Contest, are you?”

"No, Emilia, you will not, I am sure Raelyn at least would wish to lunch or 'sup with you," counters Pella with ease, and perhaps subtle reminder of some turn of duty. The huntress offering a bow of her head over to Adrienne as she joins Emilia.

For her part, Emilia was dressed in her leathers as well, blissfully so. And for all the world, unlikely the two Cassomirs might be noted for more than mere common huntresses for dressing so, then perhaps that was entirely the point. Was it not? Emilia's movements were touched with that turn of ethereal grace that had long become 'natural' for her. Each motion smooth and moving into the next, seemless.

Her dark eyes glance towards her cousin, not caught off guard at the sound of the voice. Unsurprisingly. "Of morning, cousin," Emilia giving a little nod as she does now look to where the arrow struck. "Of aye, Clara says we should of enter together, and was already thinking of perhaps entering. Raelyn wishes of it," she gives a small shrug,"might as of well. Should be of interesting, I am of thinking many will be of turning of out. Shall you of enter as of well Adrienne?"

“Pella,” Adrienne greets in response to the nod in greeting of the older Huntress, respect evident in both gaze and tone of her voice. Pella’s words to Emilia cause a slight raise of the brows of the freckled Cassomir Huntress, even though the glance she shoots her cousin will only give away a hint of casual curiosity.

“A good shot, that,” Adrienne remarks approvingly, after a brief glance towards the target. Meeting the dark gaze of Emilia with her green eyes then and holding it for a moment. Before Adrienne’s eyes are lowered and engaged with inspecting her own bow, a slight twitch of her lips occurring when she hears Emilia’s reply. “Princess Clara Tracano?” The question casual. “That could be interesting.” She pauses to look up, meeting Emilia’s gaze. “You should, then.” This remarked to Raelyn’s wish to see Emilia take part in the archery contest.

Her quiver is slung off her shoulder, her arrows given a brief inspection next, but even so her lips curl into a confident smile at her cousin’s latter question. “Didn’t mean to joust, so yes. Probably.” That ‘probably’ probably meaning ‘yes’. A glance towards Emilia. “We could do a bit of practice together, if you like?”, she offers, her expression friendly but also showing off a hint of playful competitiveness.

There was a bemused quirk to Pella’s lips to see that look of curiosity go from Adrienne to Emilia, though the slightly older Huntress did not offer up any further comment, nor explanation about the matter herself. Emilia though gave a glance and a nod to the woman,”Of true, and am knowing. Just could have of brief of daydream.” Looking along towards Adrienne as Emilia does give some explanation,”Was just of considering possibilities of not of attending courtly of things of today.” For even if Emilia did attend events as duty required without complete, it wasn’t exactly uncommon for her to simply go ‘missing’ from them either.

The approving remark is met with a dip of her head, a soft,”Of thanking,” from Emilia. Her dark eyes holding that gaze easily, her expression as it was so often, stoic with that solemn turn to it. A slight rise of a brow when her cousin has sudden interest to inspect her bow, but no comment is made. Even if she may not care for it, she has become used to the difference that has come between them, the way she is seen….since she became ‘touched’. “Of aye, Princess of Clara. We have spent of time practicing of here and there in some of her of visits. She is of having some of skill, I think she could fair of well. “

Emilia’s own bow is held loosely in her hand as the simple exchange is had with her, a quiet study having been made whilst Adrienne was inspecting her bow and then arrows. “I am of thinking Cathrynn means to be of entering of well, we could make for good of showing.” Meaning, the Huntresses of Ironhold could potentially show the fine Northerns why they have earned their reputation as they have. Though Emilia does speak it simply, without boost. There were skilled archers in the North as well. “That would be of nice,”answers Emilia with a mild tugging to the corners of her lips, that which amounts to a smile for her, a gentle turn of her hand offering the next shot to Adrienne since Emilia has had some time to shoot already.

“Possibilities, hmm?”, Adrienne echoes. One corner of her mouth curving upwards, as she admits: “There are a lot of ‘courtly things’ going on here, and you’re not the only one who’d be happy to evade them.” Stated with a matter-of-fact-ness in her tone. The attention shifts to her bow, as it often does when she hears Emilia’s odd way of speech. A reminder that things had changed indeed between them, when the Emilia she used to know from before the time when Castle Ironhold was destroyed had changed in so many ways. While still maintaining a light tone mostly when addressing the touched Cassomir, Adrienne was certainly less outgoing with her, a bit reserved perhaps; often hiding behind the stoic expression that often is to be found on Cassomir features.

A dry chuckle leaves her lips, showing off a confidence and a certain pride in her fellow Huntresses. “It can’t hurt, to show them that we do know how to use a bow,” she smirks, a light tilt of the head occurring to Emilia’s agreement to them practicing together. Drawing an arrow from her quiver that she has placed before her onto the ground, Adrienne raises the bow with her other hand, green eyes locking on the target as she takes aim. There is a brief moment of concentration, before she lets the arrow fly.

<FS3> Adrienne rolls Bows: Good Success (6 4 7 8 2 5 1 3 6 4 4 6 5 2)

“Of aye,” Emilia confirms to that echo. A slight nod when Adrienne admits she would be happy to evade them as well. “You would likely have better of chance of this then of I. Mine-sister seems to be thinking of similiar to mine-brother that I for some of reason should be in of attendance to many of them. “ There is a soft breath that gets let out,”Suppose is just so there is some of showing for House of Cassomir.” Though really, is Emilia the best choice for this? Really?!?!?! A faint glance to her cousin as that bow was given another study, surely her freckled cousin would be the better option over her. Right?

A slight nod comes,”It cannot of hurt. Though I am of admitting, I am curious of mostly to see if how of the contest of between mine-sister and Master of Corvin shall of go, was seeming they were of trading of who was of winning in of the tournaments of last of year. Should make for fine of showings, I am of thinking.” Not that Raelyn would ever take kindly to losing to a Wraith! Falling quiet as her cousin drew the arrow to take her shot, Emilia’s dark eyes giving a quiet study of form before watching the flight the arrow takes. Giving a nod when the arrow does sink solidly into the target. A good solid shot. “A good of shot,” giving that mild ‘sisterly’ approval of a fellow Huntress.

Drawing another arrow herself to take her next shot in practice. The arrow notched upon the string before it was drawn back and sighted at the target. A small breathe drawn and held before being slowly let out as the arrow was set loose towards the target.

<FS3> Emilia rolls Bows: Good Success. (4 2 8 2 2 1 6 7 3 6 6 8 1 2)

"It's your duty more than mine," Adrienne muses to Emilia's remark about attending courtly occasions. "Being a sister to the future King of Rivana." Even so, her own family expected her to tread these social paths as well, to exercise that dance of courtly custom, especially while being a guest in the Kingdom of Couviere.

When Emilia speaks of the contest between Raelyn and the Wraith, the freckled Cassomir cannot help but raise a brow. "Indeed, that will be something I wouldn't want to miss. A lesson to Master Corvin Fremont… Even though I wonder how he and the other Wraiths might take such a defeat." Old scars from the Thirty Year War, they would not be forgotten, obviously.

"Yours hit a touch closer to the center than mine," Adrienne states, before her lips are pressed together. Aiming her next arrow, brows furrowed, as her focus is on the target. And her second arrow is let loose.

<FS3> Adrienne rolls Bows: Good Success. (4 6 1 1 3 8 7 1 3 1 8 1 4 2)

“Of aye, it is of being of so,” agrees Emilia. Though there just might be a slight twitch of her lips at the reminder about her brother becoming King, likely more about the match in general. "Think every of dress of owned was packed, and yet not if sure that is being of enough for what is of required," more so because Emilia simply did not have a vast.assortment of dresses. Some likely were not quite up to full courtly standards, even if fine for Ironhold events. No doubt there would be many a Lady who would be appalled at the limited number of dresses Emilia bothered to keep in her wardrobe, nothing more than duty required.

"I cannot of imagine it would be taken of well, such of lesson. Any of more than Raelyn took of lose to of him previously, even when was much of close. Mere of points. " Scars that lingered from that war, and yet even those spoken of were barely babes at the end of the war. Some rivalries cut deep. Emilia dips her head,"Should be a good of contest."

Simply inclining her head to acknowledge her cousin declaring that Emilia's shot was a touch closer. Looking ever solemn about the matter. A nod as Adrienne's arrow hits solidly on the inside of her other,"Of good shot, consistent." Consistency being an important factor in their world. One good shot did not make up for twenty wild shots.

Drawing another arrow to take aim at the target. Emilia's dark eyes looking down the slim arrow shaft for an extra moment before the arrow was let fly.

<FS3> Emilia rolls Bows: Great Success. (2 3 7 4 7 7 3 3 7 5 2 4 3 8)

There is a slight roll of Adrienne’s eyes at the topic of dresses, and she nods. “Same here, seems I am supposed to make a good impression as well…” With all her freckles, and Huntress attitude, this may not be the easiest task. But then again, Adrienne was capable of making an impression - if the stoic Cassomir side was momentarily overruled by the Aldana heritage of her mother. “ A good contest, and one that should not be evaded,” she comments, considering the old Wraith - Huntress grudge. A nod given to Emilia’s assessment of Adrienne’s shot, before the latter watches the former’s next. Brows furrowing briefly, as if she were not believing her own eyes, it is a brief moment though, and the freckled cousin will turn to Emilia and state the obvious. “This one’s much better. So far you’ve the upper hand. One last round?” The question more of a formality, as Adrienne reaches for her third arrow, taking very much care this time to breathe evenly as she takes aim, exhaling before she takes her shot.

<FS3> Adrienne rolls Bows: Great Success. (8 5 8 1 3 6 8 7 6 8 6 6 5 1)

A nod is given,”Is always of being of expected, think the important of part is to not of making a bad of impression. Which is not to of difficult.” It was really the easier of the two to manage, easier to be quiet and slip along, not stand out or cause to lasting an impression and thusly, not a bad impression. Or so tended Emilia’s general philosophy in being a shadow, or much as one as she could get away with being.

Emilia just gives a small shrug at Adrienne’s comment. It was just one shot. A little closer towards center than the others. “Of course,” giving the formality of an answer, even if that arrow was already being reached for. Watching as her cousin took her next shot. “Seems you are of matching of mine shot, cousin. Nice of shot. “ Before she takes takes draws a last arrow to finish the round out. A slight breathe drawn before the arrow is sent off to the target.

<FS3> Emilia rolls Bows: Good Success. (2 7 5 3 3 8 4 6 4 2 4 7 4 2)

“Hmm, no it is not, really,” Adrienne replies evenly, even though she shoots Emilia a glance, aware their tactics of making a good impression may indeed differ. Because Adrienne would seldom be seen shy and silent at the back, but in fact seek conversations rather than avoiding them - if there were people about that she found to be agreeable. Here in Couvière it was different, though. Slight differences in culture, the Thirty Years War… these were factors that would temper the outgoing nature of Adrienne Cassomir ever-so-slightly.

Her third shot manages to raise Adrienne’s spirits as seems like she has indeed stepped up her game a little. It is not until Emilia’s next arrow hits the target, joining their first attempts, however, that the freckled Cassomir will incline her head towards her touched cousin. “Seems we are even now,” she states with a wry grin. “One last shot to decide the matter?” Reaching for the fourth arrow from her quiver, and assuming Emilia will agree to it, Adrienne takes aim, green eyes locking on the target, the string of the bow making a low sound as she pulls it back. Air leaves her in a soft exhale when she releases the arrow, and her gaze follows it, lips twitching with a bit of anticipation.

<FS3> Adrienne rolls Bows: Great Success. (3 1 5 8 6 8 2 2 1 1 6 7 7 6)

It was quite true, their tactics would differ. But then Adrienne did not have to suffer the looks of pity and worse from others as Emilia did. Especially once people heard Emilia talk, to wonder just what was wrong with the young Cassomir to be reminded of what befell her. It had long ago curtailed any chance of Emilia becoming something of outcoming ever again. And while she did not look forward to these functions, Emilia did not outright find ways to avoid them and did attend them…even if she might slip away after fulfilling what duty required of her.

Emilia does not seem put out any that her shot drifted back out a bit to join her earlier shots. An incline of her head as her cousin suggests a final shot to decide the matter. “Of aye,” agreeing, seeming as the matter seems to have some importance to her cousin. “Nice of shot,” complimenting when the arrow comes to sink in close to Adrienne’s prior shot, just on the inner side even. “Very of good.” Reaching for her fourth arrow in turn to take her shot. Drawing in a breathe as she draws the string back with the arrow notched. Her dark eyes sighting down the arrow to the target. The breathe is held just a moment before it and the string are released as one, her pose held a moment as the arrow flies through the air.

<FS3> Emilia rolls Bows: Great Success. (6 7 7 2 5 3 1 6 2 2 8 7 1 6)

Adrienne is certainly pleased with her fourth shot, joining her other from before. She shoots Emilia a glance, her eyes glinting with anticipation that their little archery practice contest may be decided with her cousin's shot. Her gaze shifts from Emilia's face to the target, and a low sound of surprise leaves her lips, when Emilia's arrow joins her pair closer to the middle.

"By the One! Emilia. A good shot indeed," Adrienne comments, looking impressed. Her green eyes find her cousin again, one corner of her mouth lifting into a lopsided grin. "Seems we need another round to decide the match," the freckled Cassomir states, drawing a fifth arrow from her quiver. She takes aim carefully and lets the arrow fly, her brows drawn together in concentration.

<FS3> Adrienne rolls Bows: Great Success. (3 5 3 7 3 7 4 2 8 8 6 8 4 1)

There is just perhaps a faint flick of Emilia’s eyes towards Pella when Adrienne sounds so surprised by Emilia’s shot. Raelyn did not just ‘allow’ Emilia to become a Huntress, she had proven to have skills. Inclining her head to her cousin,”Of thanking,” at the compliment paid to the shot she had just taken. “It is of seeming of so that such is being of needed.”

Though there is a minor shrug given over towards Pella while her cousin is taking aim, not entirely certain why there need be a winner. A tie was certainly an option, wasn’t it? Pella gave a simple shrug in return. But another round did give Emilia more time away from having to be pulled off to some potential tea to meet someone or another form some House or another. So why not? Watching as Adrienne concentrates so upon her next shot, a thing that does pay off. The warm up doing well by her cousin. “Great of shot, you seem well of on your mark after having warmed of up, cousin.” Reaching for her fifth arrow in turn, the arrow being notched to the bow string like the others before it. After a moment the string is let loose and the arrow is let fly.

<FS3> Emilia rolls Bows: Good Success. (6 1 8 3 5 6 6 8 3 6 6 5 8 5)

Of course, a tie was an option, but only if a deciding shot was not possible after a couple of rounds. In fact, Adrienne and Emilia seem to be quite evenly matched. The praise of her shot is received with a nod, but even so Adrienne will watch Emilia's next most attentively. She looks almost relieved when the arrow hits closer to the rim, near some of those other previous attempts.

"Tis a good shot," she says as her gaze drifts back to Emilia. "But… I believe we are done." There is a flicker in her gaze as she smiles towards her touched cousin. "We both did quite well, Emilia." Pausing there as she considers what to add. "We don't know what the Couvières will have in store for us, so… I'll be happy as long as one of our own will win this archery contest."

A little breath is drawn when the arrow does settle in with her small cluster of arrows closer to the rim, drawing an end to the match in the progress. Close as it might have remained. Emilia nods in agreement, ”Of believing so as well, I believe it is of your match this time, cousin.”

Emilia dips her head,”Of true, not of sure, they have always had fine knights that came to of the tournaments in of Pacitta. But of imagine that we shall of see of ones that never could of attend of those. Suppose same is of true for of them, seeing some of our Knights of competing of here that would never had of chance to of before.“ Gently slinging her bow to her shoulder, ”Though should be of returning, as Pella is not of wrong, I should of lunch with Raelyn and whom she has decided I must of keep of company of with.”

Adrienne’s fingers move over her forehead, brushing a strand of hair aside that a slight gust of wind has blown into her view. “Yes. There will be interesting contests, I am sure.”, she comments, her gaze drifting over the practice yard, where a group of knights and squires are engaged with some training with the sword, her green eyes lingering there for a moment, until Emilia’s next remark draws her attention back towards her cousin. “I’ll stay for a moment longer, need to shoot a few more arrows.” When Emilia departs, Adrienne will walk over to the target at a leisurely pace, to pull out the arrows and collect them for her next round of shots.

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