(1866-06-05) Sibling Sparring Match
Sibling Sparring Match
Summary: Adrienne and Graham have a conversation during a sparring match, the outcome of which is somehow to be expected.
Date: 05-07/06/2015 (Date of RP)
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Practice Yard - Rovilon - Couviere
In the scene
Juin 5th, 1866

The tournament is drawing near, this a fact that is more important to Adrienne at the moment than the coronation that will precede it. After all she is a foreigner, and the man that will receive the crown of Couvière will not be her king. The Cassomir lady is lingering in the practice yard right now, attired in training leathers, bow and arrows brought along as she shoots the archery target a glance, but even so Adrienne hesitates to engage in practice with her favoured weapon, and seems content for now to watch others try their mettle in the art of marksmanship.

Graham is running just a bit late apparently tending to other duties. He will not stand up his sister though when she’d asked to meet at the training grounds he’d agreed and he’s a man of his word. He finally makes his way onto the ground he’s dressed in such a way that he will be able to practice a few different weapons and is comfortable even. The young Lord finally finds the one he’s sought. “Afternoon lovely sister.” He comments once he’s gotten close enough to speak without raising his voice or anything.

“Graham!” Green eyes light up within a face that is adorned by a few freckles, her lips quirking into a genuine smile. Her hair is bound into a ponytail as not to hamper whatever practice she intends to engage in. “What are you up to?” The question perhaps not necessary, as his attire speaks for itself. “Sword practice?”, Adrienne asks, raising her gaze to meet her brother’s. “To be honest, I don’t feel much inclined to train with the bow today…”

He cannot help but smile as she’s glad to see him. Graham moves to look down the field towards the targets. “Probably so, I am not entering the bow tournament as well I am not out to make a fool of myself.” He grins a little though he ponders “Are you joining more than one of the competitions yourself?” he asks her his focus once more back on his sister. “We could train if you’d like otherwise?”

The question causes some amusement on Adrienne’s part, a chuckle escapes her, as she shakes her head with obvious mirth. “Oh no… Like I jested towards… Emilia one day ago, nope, not going to joust this time…” Green eyes find Graham’s gaze again as she clarifies: “The archery, no more, no less. Still… my arms are aching from the practice, I need a bit of a change… Like… I’d be up to spar with you, if you like?” Clearly challenging him there, in a nice sisterly way. She knows how to wield a sword, even if she may not be as thoroughly trained in its use like her brother.

Graham nods to her words about speaking to Emilia. “I believe that you will be joined in archery, by Emilia, Raelyn and perhaps even Cathrynn.” The knight says with a teasing edge at the competition. “I believe I am agreeable to sparring with you, though afterwards perhaps you will join me in the hall for some actual rest with some food and drink?” he counters her proposal accepting the challenge. He decides he should explain as well. “I think I will joust, and compete with my sword.” The lord says though he does hope to at least make a decent showing.

“She said as much,” Adrienne replies, her green eyes looking a bit thoughtful for a moment. Before she shrugs and shoots her brother a glance. “She did quite well at the archery target.” Surprisingly so. “Even almost beat me at our little training bout.” When Graham agrees to her suggestion, his sister will deposit her bow and arrows by handing them to a Huntress nearby. “Training swords,” she states, walking over to the weapon stand, choosing a one-hand-sword with dulled blade, that is not too heavy for her.

“Emilia? She is quite good, i’ve seen her in combat a number of times myself.” Graham advises which is true enough for his part. “I do not sell your skills short though my sister you stand ever the chance as any here.” The knight will move to grab a waster as well testing its balance a moment. Its not a long trip for the pair to go over to the sword arena. “Hm first to five points?” he asks about their match.

The Huntress inclines her head. “Thank you,” she says to her brother’s assessment of her own skills, a hint of mockery in her tone. A challenging glare being shot his way when he suggests the rules. “As you wish.” Giving the blade a few swings as well as she tries it out, Adrienne then moves to where Graham is, and assumes a slightly defensive stance, her eyes sparkling. This seems to be a maneuver to lure him in, because as soon as he twitches, Adrienne swings her weapon against Graham’s leg.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Adrienne=One Hand Blades Vs Graham=One Hand Blades
< Adrienne: Good Success () Graham: Amazing Success ()
< Net Result: Graham wins - Solid Victory

But the blade is caught against his waster as he brings it up just in time to parry her attack.

The knight is standing waiting he nods his head to motion for her to go first though it seems she’s already in motion. Graham moves fast to get his practice sword in place and they clack together. He doesn’t spend much time on this though as he will quickly pivot trying to flank her his sword breaking the connection and making a swipe towards her non sword arm.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Graham=one Hand Blades Vs Adrienne=one Hand Blades
< Graham: Good Success () Adrienne: Good Success ()
< Net Result: DRAW

He misses her though, Not so much through her own efforts, but because she seems to have luck on her side. The maneuver makes Adrienne chuckle with surprise, and she lashes out at him with her sword, more in a manner of children playing than serious sparring.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Adrienne=One Hand Blades Vs Graham=One Hand Blades
< Adrienne: Good Success () Graham: Good Success ()
< Net Result: DRAW

Graham chuckles himself “Hm.” he says though he is smiling over to his sister and there is no anger there they are brother and sister at play again, which to his mind is nice. He does move once more bringing his sword to check hers. The knight will try to use his footwork once more stepping quickly back to break the block before back in with a strike of his own.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Graham=one Hand Blades Vs Adrienne=one Hand Blades
< Graham: Great Success () Adrienne: Good Success ()
< Net Result: Graham wins - Solid Victory

Damn! Seems like Adrienne has not been taking him seriously enough. A startled noise leaves her lips when her brother demonstrates his superior training as a sword fighter. Her waster comes up a touch too late to block the blow, a slightly annoyed “ouch” the inevitable consequence. Adrienne’s lips are pressed together, her disappointment at herself apparent, but then again, this is only a playful spar with her brother.

“This one goes to you,” the Huntress concedes with a slight grumble and gets ready to place her next attack, as she tries to use her own swiftness to her advantage.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Adrienne=One Hand Blades Vs Graham=One Hand Blades
< Adrienne: Good Success (7 2 2 6 5 4 5 7)
< Graham: Amazing Success (8 5 6 6 4 2 8 8 8 8 2 3 2 5 8 3)
< Net Result: Graham wins - Crushing Victory

But it seems she is still too slow.

The knight looks worried a moment a leftover from them growing up together she’s a huntress and all grown up. Graham knows this somewhere in his mind its true. “You okay?” he asks out of habit though he will also offer some advice. “You must not fight angry Addy, it leads to making mistakes. Your doing well though so far.”

The young Lord comments though her next strike comes before she can take this advice to heart and so when the blades connect it’s at an odd angle a simply mistake, but one he knows he must teach and so his blade slides down to the hilt of hers and with a quick twist it makes it simply not possible to hold on to the blade.

Adrienne lifts a brow, her green eyes follow the blade as it flies through the air, wrested from her grip through one cleverly placed twist of Graham’s weapon against it. “Okay. You win,” she says with a light shrug. “You disarmed me, meaning I lost.” Moving over to the edge of the sparring field to pick up the waster and put it back from where she got it. “Pshh, swords are overrated,” the Huntress continues after a moment, her hand patting on the scabbard of her hunting dagger. “Too slow and too clumsy.” If Graham should look her way he will notice the mischievous glint in his sister’s eyes, she is clearly teasing him there, as her arms are crossed before her. Her lips are already curving upwards. “Congratulations anyway, Sir.”

Graham looks onto her “Well the point goes to me, but you didnt lose.” The knight says he will walk over and place the waster back into its slot. He looks back to his sister and nods to her words “Entirely overrated indeed.” he smiles over to her “Thank you, though I believe I still owe you food and drinks in the great hall.”

"In a real fight I would," Adrienne disagrees, as she gives her brother a congratulatory pat to the shoulder. Displeasure about her showing already fades, when she accepts Graham's suggestion with a smile. "You do, indeed." Is said in regards to him owing her food and drink. Her bow and quiver reclaimed by the Huntress before she'll walk beside her brother towards the keep.

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