(1866-06-06) A Tracano Talk
A Tracano Talk
Summary: Tristan speaks to his cousin the queen on several topics, most of them of a political nature.
Date: 1866-06-06
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A Rented Manse in Rovilon, Couviere
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It is the late morning in the manse that has been set aside for members of House Tracano to use. Activity can be seen within the house as messengers arrive and depart and other staff see to their duties. Some servants whisper about Prince Tristan who has already had a couple very late nights here in Rovilon. Indeed, last night was yet another one of his 'late nights', and Tristan had come back to the manse in the early hours of the morning. Now, he was dressed and ready to approach this new day.

The rhythmic tapping of his cane on the floor of the manse can be heard as he makes his way down a hallway. To those he passes, it appears as if he is favoring his right leg slightly, though this was mostly a ploy by the man. HIs leg had healed up nicely, though there were days and nights when it could ache slightly. It was a shame the bastard that had stabbed him was dead or else he'd kill him. Or hurt him badly each day for a thousand days. Or something. Grumbling to himself, he lifts his cane and raps on Alysande's door.

"Who is is?" Alysande's voice echoes sweetly from within, then as if she flightily changed her mind, "Nevermind, come in, come in, Tristan." She recognizes the sound of the cane.

As soon as her cousin enters, she gives him a sigh and a shake of the head. "How much sleep did you manage last night?" she says with a teasing lilt. "An entire hour? Perhaps two? Are you enjoying the north that much, cousin?"

She is already garbed and ready for the day in a gown of green and gold, her hair tumbling down around her face, though several sections are braided into small braids with ribbons of green woven through them. "I've a meeting with the Dowager Queen in a couple of hours," she notes as an aside, explaining why she is already dressed and ready for court. "But that is plenty of time to meet with you, if you need."

He is about to answer, but it seems there is no need to. Opening the door, he enters and then closes it behind him. Tristan offers a flourishing bow and a smile. "I slept for several hours, Your Majesty, but of course I admit that I spent some time in the defense of our realm, or at least I consider occupying the time of some of the young ladies to be a defense of sorts." A sparkle of amusement dances in his eyes and then he nods. "There are some meetings I need to arrange for my own purposes…" He offers this as something of a sympathetic statement since he doesn't envy her all of her meetings.

He considers something for several moments, one hand idly toying with the handle of his cane. Finally, he sighs and nods. "I have come to see if there was anything in particular you would like for me to see to, or at least if there is anything you would have me do."

Alysande tsks, but looks somewhat pleased. "Oh, Tristan. Back to your old ways, I see?" She smiles. "I had worried for some time that whatever poisons the l'Saigner girl worked on you had set in." She idly peruses a parchment or two, then glances back over at Tristan, letting the rest of the papers rest on her desk, unread. "See? And all works out for the best. As for tasks for you…"

She purses her lips and considers. "For now, keep your eyes and ears open. I believe the soon-to-be King and his mother are being truthful when they say they wish peace between our realms, but it never hurts to be extra vigilant." She makes a small hmming sound, considering. "How are you feeling? Is your leg bothering you at all?"

Tristan lifts a hand and makes a so-so gesture. "Yes, and no. I admit that I find the company of a young lady to be quite entertaining, but as always there are other reasons for indulging as well. As to the l'Saigner girl…" He lets out a sigh, smiling slightly. "I still have feelings for her, but I also know that ship has sailed. It looks like she is already about to pop out a whelp for that l'Corren fellow. Guess they could not wait until the wedding." He chuckles, shaking his head at the idea that he might have introduced Alina to new experiences that she will want to indulge in.

He nods, "That is good, a lasting peace will allow for Rivana to recover after our recent troubles. Likely the Crown Prince feels the same way about his own kingdom. I agree with moving on from the past and building a better future, but I also think we should be wary, a part of me still feels troubled by all of the business with that Cardinal."

To the last question he smiles and shrugs. "I am feeling well. When it is about to rain, I feel a small ache. This…" He says, lifting up his cane. "… is just an affectation now, or rather it is still more than that, but what most people do not know can only serve to aide my own defense."

The Rose Queen frowns a bit at her cousin. "I do wish you did not have such feelings. It's obvious," and she arches a brow, "the girl did not share them, and she played you for a fool. I'm sure you've heard the bit already about how as soon as their betrothal was official, those two ran off together for several days?" She scoffs. "They say that man is my Jaren's equal, but Jaren would not be so easily led astray, I think." She waves a hand dismissively. "The point is, I've seen heartbreak, I've felt heartbreak, and a rounded stomach and the way she's hanging all over this so-called Red Knight? It isn't. You meant nothing to her, Tris. Put her out of your mind entirely. I am simply glad we did not fall for the bait and send you off to her house— her own countrymen are taking bets upon how long their own champion will live after he's wed into that den of snakes."

She huffs and shudders. "Mm. To far more pleasing topics… yes, we need a peace, Tristan. I do not think our country could survive should the Couveri realize how deeply the Succession War and the resurgance of the Thorns has hurt us. If they desired, I fear that they could easily…" she shakes her head sharply. "None of those thoughts. They must mean peace, and we must have a treaty that keeps them from coming to arms against us, at least long enough for us to recover. Do whatever you can to assure this."

She thins her lips. "As for the cardinal… I would believe the man dead but for who claims it. They were close to the cardinal before the man died, from all I've heard. Who is to say they did not assist with his escape, and are covering for him?"

Tristan frowns, rubbing at his jaw. "I had heard something similar, but it is of no matter, really. As I said, I fully comprehend the situation and I am not going to pursue anything further with her." He shrugs, "Besides, I have to keep out of trouble and behave myself, otherwise I might remain a bachelor forever." He laughs and leans against the wall, smiling at her for a few moments.

"Yes, I agree with you. I also think that House Greycen helped Rivana quite a bit when they forged that marriage between that Princess Ariane and Thaddeus." He scratches his head, what was that Princess' name again? He had only met her once or twice. "Another, one where a Tracano married into a ducal house might be something to consider. "I would suggest l'Corren, but I think Duke Cesare has seen to it that all of his children have been married off… so what about House l'Faust? Is their heir married?" He nods and frowns at her words regarding the l'Saigner, considering.

Alysande laughs lightly. "A bachelor forever?" she asks. "Hardly. Soon enough I'll need to marry you off too. Well," she amends, "find someone suitable to marry into the house. Perhaps the Carling girl?" she muses. "Her brother served us well enough… mm. But there are perhaps other options." She tilts her head. "I believe their Archduke has a daughter. A knight even, so she should be robust enough to give you several children."

Tristan laughs. "The Carling girl? That might be a little… well, are you sure that Aidric would view that as a reward?" He laughs again, but is cut off by the talk of the Archduke's daughter. He coughs. "I am sure she could." He doesn't bring up the fact that he was more or less referring to Clara being a possibility for House l'Faust, but he knows exactly why she said what she said. Sighing, "If it makes any difference, I think I would prefer a Rivanan, though."

He taps his cane on the floor for a moment, and then shrugs, "In any case, I will see what I can do to try and help with these peace negotiations. Perhaps I can see about opening up some direct economic ventures between our two realms, though Pacitta might not be thrilled with that notion."

Nodding, the Rose Queen smiles at her cousin. "Don't worry, Tris," she says quietly. "I won't set you up for misery, whatever your options are." She drums her fingers on her desk. "But yes. As far as the treaty goes," she nods, "direct trade would be nice. Pacitta will likely be displeased, but we may keep the direct trade to a certain sphere of goods and influence to compromise." She smiles brightly. "We'll figure something out. As for you—" she swats at him playfully, "try and keep your 'negotiations' to a minimum. I don't want to have to do too much apologizing on your behalf. Remember, these northerners are stiff and somewhat boring, after all."

He snorts out a laugh. "I was not even considering that form of negotiation, but perhaps it may be effective. Still, I will do what I can to keep my hands to myself, I do not want to cause any problems. Still, a shame Martyn is married and preoccupied. I have already heard at least a dozen women wonder what a Rivanan Prince is like." He rolls his eyes and sighs. "Okay, it was not quite that many, but I have heard it said, and the urge to bury my face grows by the day." He stands up straight and straightens up his clothing, sighing, he grumbles out, "There might end up being a new Tracano or two next year at this rate." He blinks, realizing that he actually said that aloud, and then chuckles. "I only jest, of course."

Alysande snickers. "I'm frankly shocked there haven't been already, with your proclivities. And you haven't done anything yet while here… well, I'm somewhat shocked at that too," she says frankly. "I meant keep it to minimum, not be a monk. After all, we're Rivanan, not Couveri." She shrugs and laughs. "You might teach them something of worth, after all."

"I do what I can to try to keep that from happening. You have enough to worry about, so the last thing I want to do is be responsible for making you worry about anything like that." He smiles and then bows his head towards her. "I could never be a monk, attending any sort of religious ceremony has to be the most boring thing ever invented." He smiles and then steps towards the door. "I will let you continue to prepare for your meeting. I hope it goes well." He then opens the door and leaves, mentally preparing himself for the day ahead.

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