(1866-06-06) The Coronation Feast
The Coronation Feast
Summary: The Coronation Feast of King Jean-Paul l'Valdan
Date: Juin 6, 1866 IA
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Aveyron Palace, Rovilon
The Great Hall of Aveyron Palace, rearranged for a grand feast and ball.
Juin 6, 1866 IA

To say the feast is lavish would be akin to saying that "water is wet" and "fire is hot." After a short (and far more direct) procession back to Aveyron Palace, the positively massive array of foodstuffs and libations is nigh-on staggering. Between the bounty of the l'Faust lands and the judicious use of Truefrost, delicacies from all across Couviere are available for the sampling. Various fine wines from across the Kingdom also make their appearance, and a sizable collection of other spirits, beers, and ales besides, including the REAL wedding wine and not that facsimile they serve down in Rivana (*cough*)!

Servants are present in abundance, waiting hand and foot on the guests and making sure their every need is catered to. A good dozen courtesans (8 women, and 4 men) from l'Academie d'Rovilon are present as well, quick to strike up conversation with those that look lonely or bored, unless of course their attention is declined, in which case they simply politely acquiesce and move on to the next guest(s). The celebration actually extends well past the main ballroom, with plenty of entertainers in the courtyard (as well as more food and drink) and even the main (non-Royal) sitting room has been turned into a lounge of sorts, where people can escape the bustle of the other areas and perhaps enjoy some more quiet conversation if they choose, though space likely fills up quickly there!

Of course, Blue Cavaliers and l'Valdan House Guards diligently bar access to other areas of the castle to any save the Royal family or their direct retainers. And despite the looming "threat" of peace between Rivana and Couviere, there are food tasters aplenty about, as is often the case at high-level functions such as this.

Of course, the new King and his Queen are the first to be brought inside, moving briefly to the royal chambers to change into outfits better suited for celebration than the ostentatious finery they wore to the Coronation, and then moving back to the ballroom as their guests settle in, seating themselves along with many of their family members and a few honored guests (such as the Queen of Rivana and her champion, as well as the Dukes of Couviere). There's a wide-open dance floor in the center of the ballroom but for now, most people seem to be settling in to the tables for the feast! There are more tables in the courtyard for those that don't quite "rate" a seat in the main ballroom (the courtly equivalent of the nosebleed seats, it seems) but all are fed the same sumpuos courses, and the atmosphere is nothing short of jubilant. Of course, as each major party makes their way in, the leaders of said groups (usually the head of house and their spouse) do pass by the royal table and render the necessary courtesies before moving to rejoin their allies and family at their table(s).

Michael l'Corren is among those leading the way into the hall. The knight is dressed in a ceremonial breastplate of good steel chased with gold and the rest of his garb is dark blue with accents of white, like the house colours he shares with the royal house. He sits with his wife the Lady Bella who is engaged with rapid-fire conversation with a lady of house t'Resseux sitting near to them while Michael makes faces at his nephew Lyonel, the new Crown Prince, from across the hall.

Thankfully with her head of house being one of those Honored guests, the necessary courtesies had well been taken care of (and then some perhaps!), once Emilia does come to enter into the hall, not amongst the first as a 'visitor' from Rivana, she had simply made her way towards the table as directed. Ghosting along in her sister's shadow with that ethereal grace of hers.

Aidric lazes at the table set for the attending nobles of Normont. Keeping aloof from the disapproving whispers about where the One featured in King Jean-Paul's oaths. Not that he didn't notice where the new king put his god, but it was more a reason for curiosity than offense. After all the frozen pious north could thaw some, perhaps all was not lost for his own people. Smiling Aidric takes a sip of wine. "We shall see," he muses and turns his eyes back to the room, with a murmured "Hmm? Oh yes, shocking," when one of his tablemates tries to draw him into the discussion.
Raelyn Cassomir guides her sister towards their table and she speaks quietly to her, greeting a few here and there as the need arises or courtesy calls for it, but perhaps favoring her sister's known moods, doesn't seem to steer either herself or her particular shadow towards many groups of people. She's here to celebrate, but perhaps in a more subdued way than others.

Evelyn l'Faust is busy speaking to some others of her family whom she hadn't seen in long enough for her, and for once in a dress instead of anything resembling her Knightly duties and seems beautiful all the same for it.

Talia t'Corbeau is here as well with the new Viscount of Three Rivers and her new husband, mingling and socializing with those who either come up to her politely or others whom she sees fit to greet.

Graham follows along with his cousins. He nods and bows as he goes though he will stick along with his family until otherwise detained to do something else. The crowd doesn’t make him nervous or anything but he is a bit fretish all the same. "Quite a grand affair to be sure, i'm impressed." He says to his cousins as they make it to the table in question. The young man is dressed his best for the occasion and taking everything in.

Lucas could not avoid the ceremony. After all he was a Duke's son and this was a celebration for the coronation of his king. Dressed in a long black high-collared coat with dark breeches and doublet underneath he does cut a fine figure even as he sits and plays with a loose thread protruding from one of his cuffs, an outward sign of his discomfort in this public setting.

For the time being, Elrick remains with the t'Tremaine that are attending the coronation and festivities. There is no ceremonial armor for the Heir, either by choice and going with a lighter, formal outfit or because of the impoverished state of his House, he had not have a set crafted. Elrick's gaze does slowly sweep the large room, taking note of the notable nobles, eyes narrow slightly when they gaze upon the Rivana contingent.

Present for the feast is the king's brother-in-law, Thaddeus Greycen. Like at the coronation, the Greycen favors the blue and white of his house, matching the l'Valdan group. He currently stands with his wife for the moment, speaking to some individuals for a brief moment before finding their seats at the table with the other honored guests. Thad gives his mother and father a nod of acknowledgement as they pass by, knowing enough to not make direct eye contact right now.

Lord Joffrey t'Synclarre sits at the table that encompasses the Ducal family of Murnord and their chief vassals, with his wife Gwendolyn beside him. What marks it as in any way unusual is that it would normally be a bit unusual for a mere Great Lord (and direct vassal to one of the Murnord Counties) to be seated thus, but between his wife's familial ties to the l'Corren and his contributions during the Second Siege of Valetta and the Battle of Three Crowns, it's unlikely anyone's going to argue with his presence there. He watches the proceedings intently, occasionally glancing towards Gwen, giving her hand a brief squeeze. He seems…about as relaxed as she's ever seen him, really. She would know he's been troubled by certain thoughts lately, but for tonight he seems to have set those burdens aside. Something to worry over another day.

And Gwen is all smiles. At times like a child in expression as she looks from person to person at the other tables, dignitaries and lavish surroundings but then she remembers herself and her head cocks just so to give her a definite air of propriety and confidence. The squeeze of her hand will draw her eyes to her husband and she smiles at him, a genuine and fond smile, "So much to see," she says ever-so quietly to him, leaning just a bit to direct the comment for his ears only.

As the final guests make their courtesies and are seated, a hush falls over the ballroom as King Jean-Paul rises to his feet. He looks out over the crowd and smiles, though it's tinged with sadness, and he speaks:

"Most of you that know anything about me would likely gather that I'd never be one to dampen the mood of a fine party, but as true as that may be, it would be a grave injustice to not acknowledge that today's celebration and the peace we are now enjoying has come at great cost." He glances downward a moment, and then looks back up, "Many good men and women have given their lives in this past year, and we can only hope that they now look down upon us from the Kingdom of the Sun and know that their sacrifice has not been in vain." He smiles a moment, "And in the interest of remembering our honored dead, as my first official proclamation, I declare that once the necessary repairs and rebuilding has been achieved within Rovilon and in the Duchy of Murnord, two monuments shall be built: The first shall be a statue of bronze in the likeness of my father, to stand at the entrance to the city from the harbor, looking outward towards the sea. Upon the base of this statue shall be plaques bearing the names of all who perished in the cowardly assault upon our city that my father hurled back into the sea. Commoner and noble alike will be listed, for the life of any who falls is of equal value to the family that must then endure that loss."

Jean Paul smiles a bit, then adds, "The second monument is to be built just outside the fortress of Valetta, and shall be a second statue, depicting three figures…A Blue Cavalier of Couviere, a Royal Lancer of Rivana, and a Knight Templar. As with the first, the base of the statue will memorialize the names of all who shed their blood so that Couviere would be protected, regardless of the nation from whence they hailed. In conclusion to all this, I should like to propose a toast." He lifts his cup, and says in a more forceful tone, easily heard throughout the room, "To our honored dead!"

After he and those assembled have returned the toast and drunk, he lowers his cup and speaks again, his smile now shifting to something less somber as the words issue forth, "Some of you may have noticed that it has been my pleasure and honor to host Queen Alysande Tracano of Rivana this past week, just as you have certainly heard and seen that a fair number of her subjects sit among us tonight. Now many of us are not so young as to not have known a time when we would just as soon have strangled each other rather than break bread together, and yet…" He reaches to place a hand on the shoulder of his son, Lyonel, now heir to his throne. "Some of us are young enough that now their foremost memory of the Rivanans is that they offered us their aid in our time of need, and that the warriors of the Southern Kingdom's spilt blood mingled with that of our own upon the battlefield at Valetta. That is not the action of an enemy. Indeed, it is the act of entirely the opposite." He allows a moment for his words to sink in, and glances towards Alysande, "I rather like this idea." He grins a touch, then grows more serious, "And therefore my second official act as King of Couviere is to direct all the Lords of Couviere to join me in the effort of pursuing a lasting peace with the Kingdom of Rivana. So that our children, and our children's children, can grow in a Kingdom where they need not fear our southern neighbor. A land where the two great kingdoms of Creation's Edge can work together to mutual prosperity and strength."

He turns more fully to Alysande, and extends a hand, "I offer you the hand of friendship, Queen Alysande Tracano of Rivana, and I propose that we work together to craft a Grand Treaty that will assure the stability and security of the Edge for no less than a generation, and perhaps well beyond."

Alysande actually looks a bit surprised. Not stunned but a bit surprised. She quickly recovers, however, and rises to her feet, replying to the King:

"Despite all that had transpired between our two nations, I only knew your father as a man of peace. He spoke of the possibility with me but a few years ago when he attended my coronation, and I well remember that your father's command kept your Kingdom from attacking my own when we were at our weakest, despite at the time having every reason to wish vengeance upon us." It is perhaps surprising that she would so openly acknowledge the hard road by which she came to the crown, but then again…it's hardly a secret, is it? "If you would seek to build upon the legacy that your father has left you in that regard, then I will gladly join you in making this attempt, and in praying for its' success." And with that, she smiles quite brilliantly, and places her hand in Jean-Paul's, who then picks up his cup once more and toasts, "To peace!"

And once that's died down, he releases Alysande's hand after a quiet murmur that only the two of them can hear, though whatever it is seems to keep the smile unwavering on Alysande's face as she returns to her seat. And then…the feast officially begins, along with the music, and the dancers, and all the other entertainments that have been arranged for this momentous occasion, now, perhaps, a bit more momentous than it was but a few minutes before.

There is that general solemn stoicism to Emilia's expression, common as it were for her, as those exchanges are made to those few groups of people by her sister before their seats are taken. Emilia offering the few polite words expected. A nod offered to Graham at his words, a soft,"Of aye, quite of grand." As was to be expected. Royal events were the most lavish sorts. Already silent when the newly crowned King of Couviere rises to speak, her dark eyes towards him to give attention thusly. When there is call for the toast after the announcement of the memorials, her own goblet is raised thusly, though what it might actually be filled with is a good question. But at what comes next, has Emilia's head canting a touch as she listens to this offering and acceptance concerning peace. There is little change to her expression, so it is ever hard to tell what the Cassomir might actually be thinking. Though when the time comes, she again raises her glass as appropriate to toast.

When the King stands to begin his speech, Elrick's attention immediately snaps to his Majesty. When those who gave their lives in the war was mentioned, the t'Tremaine's gaze briefly shifts towards the t'Cadri table before back to Jean Paul. As the plans for the monuments was revealed, Elrick nods slightly in response and quickly lifts his cup of wine when the toast is made. Honoring the fallen dead is indeed high on his list of importance. A healthy amount is imbued before the cup is placed back on the table.
When the subject of the speech turns to their southern counterparts though, Elrick's gaze narrows slightly though his expression remains passively neutral, very well practiced for those who are skilled in reading faces. As the King announces his second official act, the edges of the t'Tremaine's eyes tighten, his body tensing ever so slightly. Despite not being pleased at all at this announcement, his expression remains neutral once more, so very tempted to take another deep drink from his cup of wine.

Raelyn seems to approve, highly, of Jean-Paul all of a sudden. She smiles, and claps lightly but there is, earnestly, hope in her eyes. She comments, "He'll make a fine King, no doubt, if he keeps on with this." Gently touching her sister's hand, Raelyn leans over to Emilia, stating, "I am going to go greet Sirrah. It may be some time before I can see her again, and I owe her a debt of gratitude for some things. You're welcome to come with me, if you desire. But if not, I'll be back shortly." This last said to both Graham, Emilia, and the others nearest her at her table. Then, she's rising to stand up and head over towards Sirrah, waiting to be noticed. "It is -good- to see you here, Sirrah. I wanted to express my gratitude for your aid in our - most recent venture. Ironhold will always be ready to accept you, should you need rest, or company."

Talia t'Corbeau seems to approve of the coronation speech as well, clapping politely as etiquette dictates, and nodding her open and sincere approval. She comments to those near her, including her husband, "It is good that he represents his father so well." A mannerism and tradition which she firmly supports, and strives for herself. As she passes through a few people, she pauses where Lucas sits, fiddling with his thread, and ventures, "It is good to see you again, Lord. I trust you have learned much more, over these last few months? War has a way of doing that, infecting all whose lands it comes upon."

At the touch to her hand, Emilia's gaze turns to Raelyn. Emilia nods slightly to Raelyn,"I will of come, should of least of give of greetings." Drifting to her feet as well, to accompany his sister in the direction of the Archbishop. Once they might have the Archbishop's attention, the younger Cassomir does give a respectful bow of her head,"Your of Excellency, it is good to be of seeing."

Joffrey chuckles just a bit towards Gwen, noting, "I would have thought you'd have seen more of the Royal Court than I had." But Gwen's education took her towards a different path than that of the Courtier, it seems. "But it -is- spectacular." He glances towards Jean-Paul and nods a touch, "Especially given the events of the evening so far." Peace? While the word sounds more than pleasing, it's been so long since any serious thought has been given to it that it almost sounds equally foreign. Still, not an unwelcome prospect to the Lord of Edgebrooke. "Maybe we'll have the chance to properly settle down, after all." He notes towards Gwen with just a touch of wry humor in his expression.

Sirrah Lancella looks up at Raelyn and Emilia's approach, and inclines her head, smiling warmly to the pair, "You are most welcome, Lady Raelyn, and I shall remember your invitation." There's a touch of humor to her voice in that, as invitation or no she's rarely done any less than make herself at home in Iron March during her relatively frequent visits. "Your brother tells me the venture was quite the difficult expedition." Her expression grows a touch sad as she notes, "I fear the loss of skilled Gatefinders is rarely heralded with monuments, but we do remember them in our own way. I am, however, greatly pleased that you met with success." Sirrah reaches and gives Raelyn's hand a squeeze, before turning her attention to Emilia, "Lady Emilia, so good to see you out and about. I do hope you're finding Couviere to be a pleasant place to visit? You do more than deserve a bit of respite yourself, I should think."

Thaddeus is mildly surprised at Jean-Paul's actions, giving a couple of blinks before joining the others in the applause at the gesture after the fact. As he is currently away from the other Rivanans, save the queen and future king, the Greycen heir sips his wine for now awaiting to be served, though he does appear to be in a good mood. This feast was starting off pretty good, hopefully it would continue to improve.

Graham chuckles a bit and nods "I suppose you’re right Emilia." The lord and knight realizes he's spoken rather silly about the event. He nods to Raelyn "Of course he looks back to the table a question asked to Cathrynn who's there as well to see if she would like to join he seems to be staying until he hears given he won’t abandon her to the wolves as they say.

Acrobats, singers, and dancers galore fill the open space at the center of the ballroom while people eat their fill, giving those assembled a feast for the eyes and ears as much as the belly. Unsurprisingly, no expense has been spared, and the performers are all of superior quality. The food and beverages continue to flow freely.

Outside the castle, another celebration is taking place throughout Rovilon, as the common folk gather in inns and taverns and public squares, drinking from casks of wine and ale provided by the crown, along with bread and stew. It's unlikely anyone in the capital of Couviere goes home hungry tonight.

Michael claps with sincere approval of both the memorials for the dead and the prospect of peace with the Rivanans. True, Murnord had suffered more than most at the hands of the Rivanans, but as Jean-Paul had said, that was the past they had to focus on the future for themselves and the generations that would follow. He turns then to smile down at his wife and steal a quick kiss before they fall back to their seats and begin to sample the food laid before them.

Aidric listens to the announcements with a curious expression and claps at all the right times. Peace was a heartening prospect but could be as dangerous as war too. Just look at Pacitta, it was nominally a city of peace, but conflicting interests made the streets run red with blood. There would be work to do.

Seeking out Thaddeus in the ranks of the Greycen he lifts his cup to the man across the hall quirking his head in a silent question of what he thought of the whole business.

Lucas clapped when he was supposed to, but otherwise his thoughts of the announcements we're locked safe inside his head, though his expression is a thoughtful one as he sits back at the table and helps himself to a little bit of wine as he continues to think and watch the room.

Cathrynn listens to the proclamations, toasting when she should, smiling when she should, following in kind with those at her table with regard to reaction. She inclines her head when Raelyn and Emilia rise to leave then she looks over to Graham and speaks quietly to him, her dark eyes roaming while they talk.

Princess Bellissima, the daughter of Jean-Paul and Louisa, and their middle child, climbs down from her seat and moves over to tug on the sleeve of the Lady Ariane Greycen, of late a Princess of Couviere and now wife to Thaddeus. Ariane laughs and scoops up the girl, pulling her into her lap and kissing the top of her head, but the little girl's big blue eyes are on Thaddeus as she asks, "Baron t'Acuto once told me that there is a Dragon in Sunsreach Palace. Is that true?"

"My brother speaks truly," agrees Raelyn. She smiles back, warmly to Sirrah, and gently squeezes the Archbishop's arm showing her fondness for the woman. "But we shan't bother you overmuch, you have your demands, and we have ours this evening. Take care. And do not be a stranger," she well-wishes, but lingers on to remain with Emilia until her sister, also, is done conversing with the Archbishop.

Lucas looks up at the sound of Talia's familiar voice and smiles. "Your Excellency," he says as he rises and makes a proper bow of greeting. "It was…instructional," he agrees after a moment's thought. "Your advice of keeping an open mind was helpful it let me learn much of our foes and as it was war, of course, use it against them." He shrugs a little and gestures to an empty seat at their table. "Join us for a spell? I hear I missed your wedding in all the excitement."

There is a small incline of Emilia's head, noting softly,"Mine-brother was of insisting of it." Her being out and about that is. "I am of finding it of pleasant of so of far, especially in of being of first of visit to of Couviere. Of aye, I am of told I am need to be of working on finding more of respite and balance of such." There is a faint tugging at the corners of her lips as she notes,"I am of making of attempt at it. As I am of sure you do when of possible." Bowing her head a touch to acknowledge her sisters word,"Though, of aye, be of enjoying of your evening. For am of sure, will be of seeing of soon."

Thad sets his cup aside as his niece speaks to him, caught a little off guard by the question, but he gives a smile, "Indeed, have you heard the story of Prince Giorgio and the Dragon?" He waits for her response, "Well, that dragon's skeleton is in the royal palace! It is such a huge creature, as long as six or seven men!" Thad takes another sip, "Perhaps some day you will see it, it truly is an amazing sight."

Graham looks back to the huntress and smiles shaking his head for the words "We can stay here unless i'm called over, but i'd like it if you were to come with me if so." He comments easily yes its not ideal perhaps but he reaches across the table takes one of her hands she she allow it. "I hope that the the words of unity between the two kingdoms is quickly made a reality." he comments.

Prince Tristan Tracano has been situated off with the Rivanan contingent, in a spot appropriate to his station. He's applauded here and there, smiled at ladies when he can, but has generally behaved himself so far. So far.

Lord Gabriel l'Corren has stood next to his brother, smiling at his sister, the Queen. He is so proud of her, and of his new King. He glances over and offers his brother a smile before seeking out several people to speak with.

Cathrynn smiles and nods her head, "I do not mind sitting here and sipping my wine," she says. When he mentions unity of the kingdoms she exhales softly and nods, "I certainly hope so too, quickly and longstanding," she agrees. She looks away from the table to the others then back to Graham, "Two tables over.. I believe that man's mustache is as fake as the hair on his head.." and she takes a sip of wine.

Bellissima's eyes widen at Thaddeus' (generally accurate) tale, shaking her head slightly, "It doesn't eat people?" Apparently the difference between skeleton and living breathing dragon is still somewhat lost on the little girl, but she IS quite young. "Isn't it scary?" Despite her questions, the girl does add, "I'd like to see it…"

Ariane kisses her niece's head once more and notes, "Well, perhaps you will be able to come visit for the wedding of Queen Alysande and Sir Jaren. We will see what your father thinks of the idea. And perhaps we can show you Stoneshield as well, where I live now." She glances over towards Thaddeus and smiles brightly, reaching over to give his forearm a brief touch, before Belle squirms a bit to indicate she's departing her aunt's lap. She gives Thaddeus a proper little curtsey and notes, "Thank you for speaking with me, Lord Thaddeus. I'm going to go pinch Lyonal because I saw him take my lemoncake while I was talking to you." Her tone of voice shifts to a practiced sort of Royal haughtiness, even if the sentiment is genuine by the slightly gap-toothed smile she gives him before she scurries off. Shortly followed by a yelp from Crown Prince Lyonal, though the subsequent roughhousing is actually brought to an end a few moments later, not by Jean-Paul or Louisa, but by a stern glance and a clearing of the throat from Duke Cesare l'Corren.

Sirrah nods to Raelyn and Emilia, "I am sure I will have occasion to visit soon enough. Particularly if a certain old woodsman decides he is willing to speak with me." Sirrah's tone is light, even though her desired chat with Lon carries the utmost seriousness. Tonight is not a night for overly weighty matters. "Do enjoy the feast and the tourney to come. I will be about a few days more should you wish to speak with me." And then she watches the Cassomir sisters depart, before turning her attention back to the Archbishop Solomon Fisher, speaking quietly and familiarly with him.

Raelyn seats herself back at the table, smiling towards Cathrynn, "Welcome," she greets Cathrynn, warmly as she and Emilia both sit back down. "Enjoy the feast, and the celebration. I doubt there will be another finer for some years to come. Save, perhaps," she glances to where Jaren is, "Our own coronation." At that, she grins a bit. Yes, she's proud of her brother.

Graham steals a glance with his eyes at who Cat is talking about and quickly takes a drink to hide his laugh. The young man shakes his head but he is still grinning over to her once he's done with his drink. He'll take a look about the group once more finding his cousins and then back to the table "Welcome Back." he says to his cousins greeting them both. He follows her gaze towards Jaren and then back "That will be a celebration to be sure."

"When the matter was of raised, he did not seem averse to speaking with of you," notes Emilia on the matter of the woodsman. Inclining her head,"If there if of moments of free, some time to speak could be of interest. Else I will be of seeing next of time you of come to Iron March. " Before she takes her leave with Raelyn. A incline of her head to Cathrynn and again to Graham as the table is rejoined. Noting,"I am of sure, Clara will of ensure the of wedding is a much of grand of affair, even before of that, Raelyn."

Talia smiles warmly to Lucas, turning to Dominic, and telling her husband, "This is the young Lord l'Saigner, Lucas of whom I've spoken of." Then, she inclines her head, "Thank you," she states to Lucas, warmly. And joins Lucas where he sits, venturing thoughtfully, "I am pleased that my advice was of help. More so that you were of the mind to utilize it." She tips her head in a sign of acknowledgement, and perhaps respect as well. "I am also pleased to have learned that your sister is not as the rumors suggested."

Seated with the Rivanan group, Princess Clara Tracano was placed in an appropriate seat. However, that seat was right next to Tristan, which Clara is still trying to decide if that was a boon or a bane. The judgement is still out, as she sits, with an ear tilted towards Tristan as he whispers something while prodding Clara with an elbow. Clara doesn't speak out loud exactly what she heard, but the rolling of the eyes gives indication that it was probably something not entirely appropriate to share, anyways.

Speaking of Jaren, the perceptive may note that his left arm is no longer splinted and in a sling, and the really perceptive and knowledgeable may note that the way he's scarfing down fine cheese, someone's almost certainly given him a dose of Bonemend sometime in the last week. Though he does seem to be avoiding using the arm too much still, and has already made quite clear that he won't be competing in the Coronation Tourney. Mostly because getting killed by Alysande AND Raelyn due to the same decision isn't terribly appealing to him.

Tristan's eyes sparkle with amusement at Clara's reaction to his comment. Leaning back, he offers the young woman a smile. "Dearest cousin, you must not take some of what I say so seriously, though I am serious in that you should enjoy yourself. Especially with the upcoming tournament. Have any brave knights yet dared to ask you for your favor yet?" His expression clouds momentarily as he is reminded of when he carried a favor, as odd as that may be given his lack of combat prowess. "I am considering competing in the archery, but have yet to really decide. Shall I simply stand aside and cheer you on?"

"Well I might have but I have not been at as many of these sorts of gatherings as you might think," Gwen answers to Joffrey. She nods and smiles at his comment about it being spectacular then her eyes flit to the King as well and she just idly looks him over as she speaks to her husband, "Peace.. what a notion," she says softly. Her gaze moves quickly to Joffrey at his comment and she smiles, "We just might, hadn't planned for that, had you," she teases him.

Lucas nods to Dominic. "Your Excellency," he says looking the man over. Whatever decisions Lucas may have made they are kept to himself and when Talia sits he turns his attention back to her. "Quite useful," he says. "And despite what people say they're not dumb lumbering brutes, the Tirians, we studied their clothing and equipment when we captured it, some of it was quite ingenious," a smile. "So naturally we borrowed it." The young lord seems to become more animated with someone 'interesting' to talk to. "And yes, Alina. It's good she survived. I would have made a poor heir I think. Better she's here to shoulder that burden and save it from passing to me or one of my cousins." Corvin was an option too, if a more complicated one due to his birth.

Thaddeus chuckles, "Not anymore, though you never know… But yes, if you can visit, you should." He then gives the small princess a slight bow from the seat, "Your highness." Once she is gone, Thad laughs a bit, undeterred by any stares. He has no problem being the fun uncle.

Talia nods a little to Lucas. "Quite so. The Tirians are not unlike others of their heritage. People only think them savages due to the nature of how they live, and their attacks of us. More scholarly minds, like that of the Baron," of course, she means Lucas' uncle Artos, "Duke Cesare, and the King, others, know the truth. Were it otherwise, the campaign would have not been so long and they would've simply thrown themselves at us like animals." She watches Lucas thoughtfully then, not commenting on his thoughts of being heir to The Hawk should Alina have passed. Instead, "Well, you seem to be finding a purpose for yourself. And that is what matters, my Lord."

Joffrey chuckles to Gwen, shaking his head slightly, and putting on a deliberately exaggerated put-upon tone, "The One God help me, I might be forced to spend time making a family with my beautiful wife. However shall I survive?" He takes a sip of his wine and adds, "Somehow, I suppose I will have to find a way to endure this burden." He chuckles, leaning over and giving Gwen a brief kiss on the cheek, "Somehow, I imagine I'll survive…Somehow."

"Oh, Tristan, I know that you do not mean everything you say. You shouldn't worry so. I am not at all as rigid as some may think of me to be." There is a soft laugh to punctuate the comment, which dissipates as Clara ponders the question of favors. "Truth be told, none have asked me, as of yet. Either they are too afraid to approach or they do not think of my favor worthy to obtain." There is a light shrug at that. "Tis no matter to me, one way or another. Though, honestly, cousin, you should do what you wish. Should you desire to shoot in the archery tournament, then do so by all means. I plan to…and I plan to lose to either Lady Raelyn or Lady Emilia…or any number of Huntresses that decide to enter and show me how truly to bend the bow."

"True," Lucas agrees of Talia's assessment. "It will be interesting to see what they do next after their defeat at Valetta. I suspect they are not as done as we would like to believe," he muses dispassionately. "And yes, I suppose I do have a purpose now. I was worried about it, after Valetta, that I'd go back to drifting except when called upon, but now, now I am more certain of my course," a beat. "In a lot of parts of my life." He turns then to Talia, studying her a moment. "And you? Does life continue on the same for the married Viscountess as it did for the unmarried one?"

Gwen nods, giving a feigned sigh of empathy to Joffrey, "It is good you have had years of training in how to make the best of the most terrible of situations.." she says to him. "And such broad shoulders for your burdens. I will endeavor to make it easy on you," then she leans toward him for the kiss, "I would expect no less, we will do the best we can," she says with a grin.

Tristan offers Clara a slight nod of his head. "I am still undecided, but whether I do participate or not, I hope that you do well. I even hope you give the Cassomir sisters and their huntresses a run for their money." Smiling, he glances around the room, rubbing his chin. "You know, it might be that some are hesitant to ask for favors because a number of marriages and betrothals are bound to happen to help restore various houses, and no one wants to make any political mistakes. I would not worry on it, as far as I am concerned, you are second best woman here. Behind our cousin of course."

Cathrynn grins and then looks away to prevent outright laughter at Graham's amusement. She looks up at the returning Cassomirs and smiles, nodding her agreement to Graham's words of welcome. She too looks to Jaren then back to present company at the table, nodding her head.

Freeing himself from the men of his duchy, Aidric makes his way to Tristan and Clara. "A fair assessment coz," he chimes in on the end of Tristan's words. "Doubtless some gallant will ask Clara for her favor before the games begin," he says bowing to them both. "Might I join the two of you? I could use some different company."

"True enough." Joffrey notes of Gwen's assessment, before grinning right back at her, "Yes we will."

As the actual official "meal" portion of the feast starts to draw towards a close, the performers start to thin out, leaving behind the musicians, who begin to play spritely tunes aimed towards enticing folk towards the dance floor, and while the crown-wearing Royals remain at their seats, a gesture from Jean-Paul indicates that any that should wish should enjoy themselves. Before long couples start making their way there, including of all people Duke Cesare and Duchess Florencia, who despite their age still manage to make a graceful pair.

And this sight does seem to inspire Lord Joffrey to offer a hand towards Gwen and grin, "Shall we, milady? I'll try not to stomp your feet too much."

Gwen's eyes follow the couples as they make their way out then when Joffrey offers his hand her already smiling face brightens for him. She slowly inclines her head then rests her hand daintily in his, "I'd be honored, milord," she answers. She rises from her seat with graceful ease and then cuts a playful look to her husband, "And I'll try not to yelp too loudly if you do."

A flush of red colors Clara's cheeks. "Well, I appreciate your sentiment." As Aidric joins, Clara amends herself, her brown eyes flickering up to greet him. "both of yours." With a slight smile, she returns the bow with a gentle nod of the head. "Feel free. I would be happy to provide company, while Tristan is sure to regale you with his selection of women he finds attractive." That gentle smile gains a slightly devilish twinge to it, as Clara stifles a giggle…

There is a light touch to Raelyn's arm before Emilia takes her leave of the table again, the only hint the other was moving off again. Else it might have been a few moments her absence would have been noted. Especially with all the shuffling of folks about with the ending of the meal. The younger Cassomir perhaps trying not to frighten her sister to greatly with her usual vanishing act. Managing an almost clean get away, til she crosses paths with one of those male courtesans who makes an attempt to engage her. In what ends up as a rather brief encounter for that rather stoic look and blink the man receives, and thus he is soon moving on to a more receptive (and willing). guest.

Talia looks to Lucas thoughtfully, and her expression is a wry one. She answers, "It is - different, certainly," with a glance to Dominic. "I am keeping my eyes open, shall we say." Though she speaks this with mostly humor, suggesting she is sticking to her own advice as well. "I've no doubt soon I shall be with child, and the heir. I've much to teach such a one, afterall, ere I get old and decrepit."

Raelyn, meanwhile, seems to have quieted some. She glances to Cathrynn, asking her Huntress, "I do suppose we both shall be competing in the archery contest, Cathrynn? I've been pestering Emilia to enter as well." She grins, just a little, "I want to see if we can tie again."

Glancing up at Aidric, Tristan nods and gestures to an open seat. "Certainly, please sit." He offers the man a friendly nod in greeting. As Aidric sits, he offers a nod. "My dear cousin here is correct. There seems to be a number of eligible ladies for possible entertainment this night. The problem is, it is hard to choose one or two to spend some time with. Would you not agree?" He glances towards Aidric, a slight grin upon his lips.

Cathrynn smiles at Raelyn, "I suppose we will," she says with a nod of her head. "And if my history proves true with the contests, I will finish somewhere down around the level of novices who pick up the bow for the first time that morning," she says with a grin. "Oh I do hope Lady Emilia competes too," she adds, nodding to the boss lady.

Graham looks back to the table "I'm sure the three of you will do perfectly well in the tournament four including my sister." The knight offers he will look about the room before back to Catherynn he points not trying to overly obvious. "That would be Princess Clara i'd told you about, friend of Emilia." he explains know that makes it a little more sense this time.

Elrick's brooding over the new King's earlier words were quickly washed away by a few cups of wine, as well as the exemplary feast that was provided. Eating to contentment of the fine dishes, the heir of the impoverished House decides it's finally time to make the rounds. His path though does not take him to the major players of the court, instead he heads towards the lesser known nobles and knights, especially those he recognizes from the most recent war in the north. Words of greeting and good cheer are exchanged, brief retelling of some of the battles were shared, but soon enough, Elrick's attention shifts towards the t'Cadri table in contemplation.

"That you have much to teach I believe," Lucas grins. "The old and decrepit part, less so," he says. Ah the optimism of youth. "Anyhow if I can be of any assistance to you or to Dominic in the coming months, let me know and I will do what I can."

Aidric takes the offered seat and smiles. "Somehow I think we'll manage," he says with a shake of his head before turning his eyes to Clara. "How do you find all this, Your Highness?" he asks gesturing at the spectacle before them. "And what think you of the proposed peace?"

Whatever Clara’s response, the evening carries on, and much dancing, revelry and feasting is had. It will be an evening not soon forgotten in Rovilon, for a variety of reasons. The beginning of a golden age? Or merely a detour towards more chaos and war? Only time will tell….

The End of A Beginning….

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